4 Fashion Tips to Follow to Look Stylish This Year

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Keep your fashion on point this year by considering new and creative ways to style your looks. Whenever you hit a rough patch with your fashion, chances are good that you’re struggling to find motivation. If you’ve found yourself wearing the same outfits time after time, it might be the perfect opportunity to change things up. 

4 Fashion Tips To Follow

Whether you’ve hit that mental roadblock or just want to up your style, here are four tips you can follow to look more stylish this year.

4 Fashion Tips to Follow to Look Stylish This Year

Play Up The Fine Details 

Animal and geometric prints are back, and they aren’t going anywhere. Jazz up your current looks with intricate designs and fun patterns. Instead of wearing a pair of black leggings like usual, go for leggings with a subtle snakeskin printed onto the fabric. You can even find geometric patterns that add texture to your classic knitted cardigans. Branch out with your style and experiment with new designs and patterns.

Balance Is Key With Fashionable Looks

Remember to add just a touch of design to your look. You don’t want to go all-out in animal print, or you’ll look like you’re wearing a costume. A few details here and there will do the trick. 

Here’s an outfit example: wear white cardigans with animal print bralettes and pull your look together with black jeans. You’ll add detail with the animal print and balance with the neutral tones of your outfit.

3. Go With Bright or Bold Colors

Today’s fashion trends are leaning towards bright and bold colors. To make a fashion statement, figure out which colors make you glow and incorporate them into your daily outfits. 

You can even look for accessories in bright colors for a pop of color in your new looks. Some popular shades to consider adding to your wardrobe are bright yellow, neon blue, and daring red, 

You can also include these colors in your makeup choices for additional style. If you prefer wearing darker shades, you can still choose bold colors to emphasize your looks, like deep red or purple.
Dark plum, metallic pinks and coppers, and charcoal are all trending for makeup, nail designs, and outfit accessories. You might consider pairing a metallic belt with your jeans or a dark purple blouse with black slacks.

4. Add In A Few Luxurious Items 

Unique jewelry is one way to go about adding luxury to your looks. Aim for minimalist jewelry when your clothing is the focal point and oversized, chunky jewelry when your outfit is more simple.

If luxurious jewelry and other accessories are outside your budget, go for alternatives that give you the same feel for less money. The goal is to create a luxurious look, but that doesn’t have to include a $2,000+ purchase! If you can find a way to add one or two luxurious items to your wardrobe, you can create fashionable outfits without even trying. You can even shop at consignment stores or thrift stores to find these pieces at a lower price.

Let Your Creativity Lead the Way

Wearing the same old outfits month after month can quickly lead to fashion boredom. This year, level up your style by incorporating new colors and patterns you may have previously overlooked. Get over your style slump by inviting creativity and new ideas to your fashion style. 

Create outfits that reflect your unique personality and let your inner fashionista shine. Let your creativity lead the way, and you’ll look fashionable all year. Check out the four suggestions above and create looks that will elevate your style in no time.

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