18 Fun Nutter Butter Recipes for Kids

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18 Fun Nutter Butter Recipes For Kids

Being from New Zealand I am a fan of overseas food. In fact many of the treats I used to eat in NZ are very different to that is the UK. Luckily the Supermarkets over in NZ had a foreign food section with extra special treats which the family would buy occasionally.

Likewise our local supermarkets here in the UK have a foreign foods and American treats section and I often find myself wondering what is available. I recently tried out some sandwich style cookies called Nutter Butter. These were delicious and have peanut butter sandwiched between the cookies.

Today I am sharing 18 fantastic and fun Nutter Butter recipes for kids. I think these are very fun and a great idea to try. If you don’t have access to Nutter butter cookies you can use another variety. There are so many to choose from. This is just a starting point. I hope you enjoy this post. 

Fun Cookies for Kids Using Nutter Butters

Homemade Nutter Butter Cookies

Tired of your usual cookies? Try this homemade nutter butter cookies instead! If you love peanut butter, you can experiment with chunky peanut butter to give it a twist.


Copycat Nutter Butter Cookies

Nutter Butter lovers, raise your hands please! We love store-bought nutter butter what’s better than store-bought? Homemade, just imagine  2 crispy peanut butter cookies filled with a creamy peanut frosting. 


Nutter Butter Snowmen Cookies

This nutter butter snowmen cookies are perfect for the holiday seasons. Bake it and pair it with milk and this will surely make everybody’s day butter, I mean better! 


I don’t know about you but I love Reese’s! If you like a quick no-bake and different nutter butter recipe, don’t miss this one.


Frankenstein Nutter Butter Cookies

Looking for Halloween treats? These Frankenstein Nutter Butter Cookies are perfect for your movie night with the family.


No Bake Star Wars BB8 Cookies

Any Star Wars and nutter butter fans will surely love these BB8 cookies. It’s easy to make and doesn’t require baking!

star wars cookies bb8 cookies

Bat Nutter Butters

One of my favorite thing about Halloween is making treats with the family. This Bat Nutter Butters can be a good activity to bond with the family.

Nutter Butter Turkey Cookies

Make your Thanksgiving party extra special with these Nutter Butter Turkey Cookies! These turkey cookies are perfect for dessert or to give your guests after your party.


Nutter Butter Chicks

Now for Easter, make this Nutter Butter Chicks! Serve this to your kids after an exciting egg hunt. You can also add this to their goodie bags.

Nutter-butter -chicks

Nutter Butter Ghosts

3 ingredients recipe? Sign me up! These Nutter Butter ghosts only need three simple ingredients: Nutter Butter Cookies, white chocolate, and regular chocolate – the addition to your Halloween party.


Nutter Butter Penguins

Make the cutest cookies with this Nutter Butter Penguins. These cookies are a great addition to your holiday parties or any special event.

Santa Nutter Butter Cookies

Santa’s coming to town! Yes, in Santa Nutter Butter Cookies form. Give Santa a break with these delicious treats.


Nutter Butter Cupcakes

You’re gonna love these mouth-watering nutter butter cupcakes. A fitting dessert for any special occasion or for when you feel like having it!

Nutter Butter Recipes for Kids

Cookie balls are some of the best quick desserts you can have. If you love nutter butter, you should try this no-bake 3 -ingredient nutter butter cookie balls.


Spring Nutter Butter Truffles

Welcome spring with this Spring Nutter Butter Truffles! These spring themed truffles are so simple and taste so delicious!


Nutter Butter Hot Cocoa Shooters

Serve this Nutter Butter Hot Cocoa Shooters on a cold winter party night. This dessert cocktail will surely be a popular in your gatherings.


Polar Bear Nutter Butter Cookies

Teach your kids about these amazing creatures through this Polar Bear Nutter Butter Cookies! This will be a fun activity to do with kids and teach them at the same time.

polar bear

Flip Flop Nutter Butters

Ready for the summer? Make this Flip Flop Nutter Butter for your next beach trip! It’s easy to make and looks really cute.

So this is the list. Which sounds the most delicious to you? I would love to try out the penguin ones. Here is a tutorial on how to make polar bear cookies! Enjoy.


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Nutter Butter Recipes for Kids

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