A Letter to the Groom the Night Before the Wedding

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A Letter to the Groom the Night before the Wedding

John and I have been married for three and a half years. Despite the health issues and the parenting drama’s, the huge move from Yorkshire to Lancashire, the many hospital trips, tests and procedures, the past few years has to have been the best years of my life!


Marrying John has made our family complete. I gained a companion, a best friend and a husband. Sylvia gained a loving father who she has bonded with so well. Not that we were any less of a family when I was a single mother, but we just feel that much happier the three of us together.

A few months before the wedding, we had this lovely photo taken together. It’s one of my favourites. We may have grown taller, wider, smarter, but the one thing that has grown the most is the love we have for one another.

milnes family

John was not my first husband and knowing how difficult relationships can become, I decided to write a letter to my husband the night before the Wedding to always remind me of the reasons I had married him.

I have never shared this with John, however today I am sharing. I’m sharing my letter to him and to the world because I still feel the same way I felt two years ago but even more so now.

We are in no way perfect. We both have health difficulties which affect our ability to do certain things and we both are strong-willed and opinionated but we do our best to overlook one another’s faults and focus on our strengths. So here is my letter to you John, I hope you like it.

Why I Love you!

John is a very honest man this is a quality which I really admire. He has great integrity and will stand up for what is right. He is not perfect but he has a good heart.

His desires and intentions are in the right place. He wants to be a husband and father. He wants to raise Sylvia and other children as well. John is extremely intelligent and is great to talk to.

I can discuss life’s intricacies and current events with him and get an intelligent response back. John has an opinion and is able to speak his own mind. This is a quality that I’ve always wanted in a man.

John is a good listener and is incredibly patient and kind to me and Sylvia. I love his kindness and the things he does to make us happy. He rubs my back when it is sore and listens to me when I’m upset.

I feel we have good communication skills and this is certainly a bonus to me. As this is not my first marriage there are areas where another failed. I believe John and I will succeed. He is not abusive and does not like such behaviour.

He believes a woman should be treated with kindness and respect. His love for his mother Susan demonstrates this to me. 

John is talented and is really good on the computer, at graphics, design and photography.

He has a love for family history and he loves his own family members. He is loyal and true and I know that he has great potential to be the man he wants to become.

My love for John increases every day. I see something that others may not. I see the greatness in him that other’s dismiss, that other’s so often fail to see with the eye.

It took john almost 40 years to find love. Many simply looked his way and didn’t want to know. They looked at the outside appearance.

John has goofy-looking teeth and a skin condition due to being born without a thyroid. He has huge glasses with lenses so strong, he could never have contacts.

He is not a model. He does not have the look I went for as a teenager but I am honestly and genuinely attracted to him and to me John is totally “handsome” and good looking because the way you treat someone, shapes the way you feel about them and the way you see them.

I have learned to look beyond the outside appearance and focus on the heart! I Love John with all my heart. I love his personality, his great sense of humour.

He can really make me laugh.

I love his cheekiness and his ability to tease and to flirt.

I love watching TV with him (when it is not consistently star wars).

John is multitalented and is able to kiss and watch TV at the same time which is hilarious.

John has time for me and he really cares about me and my daughter Sylvia.

He is hot and has nice legs and a nice butt and nice shoulders.

He is handsome and attractive and smells nice when he wears deodorant! These are some of the things I love about John. He simply amazes me with who he is.

I’m so grateful to be marrying John and it won’t be easy.

He will have to learn and adapt to family life, to living with two girls. He will have to lead us as a family. He will need reminding to keep in balance mentally, physically, socially due to his own thyroid condition which makes him so tired.

John will need a kind and understanding wife who has unconditional love for this man despite his quirks, his failings and mistakes.

I want to be with this man for the rest of my life and for all eternity. I love him.

I want to be with there when he needs me. I will do my best to promote unity in the home and peace in the family.

I pray I may become all I want to become and I know that with John by my side we can be great.



About Angela Milnes

Angela Milnes is a Qualified Early Years Teacher who has specialised in Preschool and Kindergarten teaching. She has a wealth of experience teaching young children and is passionate about kids crafts and having fun as a family. Angela has also taught cooking skills and loves to share both family recipes and easy instant pot recipes here on The Inspiration Edit. Follow her on Pinterest!

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    1. Thanks Becky!We are going out for dinner tonight! We are still deciding where to go..lo.but it will be three of us, John, Sylvia and I . 🙂

  1. You were clearly meant to be!! It’s so apparent how strong you love is for your husband. Beautiful letter. I hope he reads it! Xx

  2. Happy Anniversary. It is amazing when you find ‘the one’. I’m so glad you and your family are still so happy.

  3. Oh Angela this is a lovely post and made me feel quite emotional reading it. Your love for John shines through and he sounds like such a wonderful man. What a beautiful pair of kindred spirits you are.

    Happy Anniversary to you both and may you be blessed with many more xx

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