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This is a simple paper seahorse quilling project you will love. 

I am a huge fan of paper crafts and today we are sharing this wonderful seahorse craft to make in the classroom, at preschool or in the home. This super cute quilling craft is really easy to make. It comes with a template and is a great way to learn basic quilling skills and help kids to develop fine motor skills.

You can make these wonderful rainbow seahorses as part of your under the sea themed learning unit or maybe create a summer display in the classroom. Enjoy! 

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Supplies Needed For This Paper Seahorse Craft

Easy Quilling For Beginners

Step -1:

Select a colored craft paper and regular white art paper for this craft.

Prepare the template patterns (it includes the body, front belly part and eye).

Trace and cut out the body part from colored craft paper and trace and cut out the rest of the patterns from white art paper.

Step -2:
Select different colored quilling strips and create loose coils and triangle shapes with them.

Step – 3:
Take the eye cut-out and use a black sharpie or gel pen to fill the eye cut-out with any pattern you like.

Step – 4:
Take the quilled triangle shapes and attach them along the spiked edges of the seahorse pattern.

Step – 5:
Take the lens shaped cut-out and fill it with the prepared loose coils. I attached 2 quilled triangle shapes on both corners to adjust the filling with quilled papers.

Step – 6:
Keep adding the quilled loose coils until the lens shaped cut-out is filled nicely.

Step – 7:
Attach the lens shaped quilled patterns on the main body pattern of the seahorse. Add more details if you want.

Download Your Seahorse Template Here!

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