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This week I was invited to visit the Sorted Food cooking studio in London where the Iconic Youtube Fridge Cam Show is based. The guys at Sorted Food have over 1.7 Million subscribers on youtube and it was a privilege for me to visit and experience some tasty food and cooking.

sorted food

Cooking At The Sorted Food Studio Was Fun

The aim of the night was to discuss the new Cooking Gap Campaign being run by Co-op and Sorted Food.

sorted food

Cooking At The Sorted Food Studio

I am very lucky to have been taught to cook from a young age by my Mother and as a result I have naturally cooked with Sylvia when I’ve been able. However, there is a huge Cooking Gap at the moment and research has shown that many kids and adults are leaving school and university not knowing how to cook.

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I do feel concerned about the lack of cooking in schools and in the home in this generation. There are so many convenience foods and options out there and the lack of knowledge of how to cook basic meals can and will have a negative impact on society.


Cooking for my family is enjoyable and fun and an opportunity for us to bond and socialise together. Cooking allows us to choose the ingredients going into our meals and allows us to make much healthier choices than eating processed prepackaged foods.

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We do of course eat processed foods and ready-made food and this is okay in moderation but when families begin to eat ready made food every day, this can impact the families health and finances as well as other areas.

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Sorted Food and Coop have teamed together in the hope they can help promote and teach others the importance of teaching important cooking skills. There are so many benefits to this and I think it’s a great campaign with an important message.

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My night at Sorted Food was fantastic. I got to try out some delicious salads and food after playing a fun game of Jelly Bean Roulette with the guys.

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Making Pizza At The Sorted Food Studio In London

I made my own pizza with Ben the Chef which turned out really great and spent some time brainstorming ideas on what skills would be great to teach youngsters and adults interested in developing their cooking skills.

sorted food

I was really excited to attend the Sorted Food Studio. It has some really fab decor and I love the red Fridge cam fridges. It was also fabulous to be in the Company of my blogging friend Jenny. We had a fantastic night and had lots of fun.

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Feeling Inspired by visiting the Sorted Food Studio

I really enjoyed my time at the studio and I came away feeling inspired and wanting to work more on my Fantastic Food category which covers fun food ideas and cooking with kids. I really do feel passionate about teaching kids to cook and so I was excited to come away with a box of co-op goodies and ingredients so Sylvia and I can do some Christmas baking together.

sorted food

I had a fantastic night and it’s one of the best blogging events I’ve attended so far. It was brilliant. Thanks Co-op for the invite.


Angela x

I was invited to attend this event – no payment was made for my time.