Vtech Secret Safe Diary Visual Review

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Are you looking for a review of the Vtech Secret Safe Diary Visual? Look no further! Today I’m sharing this fantastic kids electronic diary which my daughter absolutely loves.

In fact, my daughter saw the Vtech electronic diary over a year ago on tv and expressed her interest in having a diary of her own.

Although it was a great idea at the time I never got around to buying one and when Christmas came around there were so many Christmas gift ideas out there that her request slipped my mind.

However a few weeks ago we were given the opportunity to review the amazing Vtech Secret Safe Diary Visual and Sylvia was over the moon.

Here is my review of the Vtech Secret safe Diary and what I really think. I hope you find this information useful.

Vtech Secret Safe Diary Visual Review

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What Is the Vtech Secret Safe Diary?

Vtech  is a great brand for interactive, educational and fun toys and something I came across a lot as an Early Years Teacher.

In fact my daughter has had a number of fantastic Vtech toys during the her different stages of development and I’ve never been disappointed.

The Vtech Secret Safe Diary is a fun kids electronic diary for kids and is recommended for children aged 6 to 11 years old. This is a fun diary which is password protected and has voice recognition.

The diary is pink and aimed at girls but can be used by either gender.

Vtech Secret Safe Diary Visual Review

How Long Does It Take To Set the Vtech Secret Safe Diary Password?

When we first opened the diary we needed to reset the secret safe diary password. We did this by putting in the correct date and time and set up a voice recognition password.

Setting up the voice recognition password only took 2 minutes to complete and then my daughter was able to choose her voice activated password. This is a feature which makes the diary unique, personal and fun just for my child.

How to Complete a Vtech Secret Safe Diary Password Reset

If you wish to reset the Vtech Secret safe diary you will need to open the battery cover at the back of the diary.

Next you will need a thin paper clip or needle to insert and press into the small hole.

To complete the visual dairy factory reset you need to hold the paper clip in the hole and press the heart button on the front of the diary at the same time.

This will release the lock on the secret safe diary and allow you to complete the reset.

Vtech Secret Safe Diary Visual Review

How to Use the Vtech Secret Safe Diary

The diary has three buttons on the front. The first button opens the diary using the chosen password, the second button shares the time and date and the third button puts the diary into camera mode ready to take photos.

Vtech Secret Safe Diary Visual Review

How Many Diary Entries Can You Make on the Vtech Secret Diary Visual?

The Vtech Secret diary is educational and a great way to encourage children to write. It has a number of features including the ability to write up to 750 diary entries with photos.

There is a my info section to create a profile and store special information.

The diary has a tools/settings section which is used to reset, delete content and set the time and a handy alarm clock.

vtech secret safe diary visual

Vtech Visual Diary Secret Drawer

The Vtech Secret Safe Diary visual has a secret drawer to keep special treasures inside. This can only be unlocked by pressing a certain button on the control pad.

I think this makes the diary extra fun and cool and it adds more excitement to the product.

As a child I loved hidden compartments and secret drawers and my daughter was delighter to find this part of the diary.

vtech secret safe diary visual

My Pet Friend Vtech Secret Diary

There are plenty of fun elements to this diary. It has a section called My Pet Friend. Sylvia was able to create a pet, name him, take care of her pet, feed him and decorate the home.

The photo mania section of the diary allows your child to decorate photos which fun an exciting animations and there is a workshop section which has over 10 games which hep improve logic, maths and typing skills.

Vtech Secret Safe Diary Visual Review

Can You Connect the Vteach Secret Safe Diary to a Computer?

The answer is yes!

The Vtech Secret Safe Diary has the ability to connect to the computer and your child can then connect to the VTech Learning Lodge, earn points and download extra fun and educational games which help your child’s development.

vtech secret safe diary visual

What Batteries Do You Need for the Vtech Secret Safe Diary Visual?

You will need 3 x AA batteries in order to get the Vtech diary to work.

As a parent and a previous teacher, I think this is a fantastic product. The diary has a fun and personal aspect to it, has a fantastic camera and lots of fun activities.

My daughter is super pleased and excited with the diary and I am sure she will be using this diary a lot in the coming weeks.

I think the best part is the voice recognition section to open the diary. That is pretty cool along with the secret drawer, the camera and diary writing function.

The diary costs around £25-30 in the UK and a little more in US Dollars.

vtech secret safe diary visual

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*We were sent this product for the purpose of review

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