Paper Bag Dog Puppet Craft for Kids

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Today on Craft Play Learn we have a quick and simple paper bag dog puppet craft for kids. My family loves dogs. We have two Bichon Frise named Yoda and Casper and they are super cute. This fun and easy dog craft are also super cute and simple to make with the little ones.

In fact we have plenty of fun and cute animal crafts here on the blog. Why not check out our paper plate sheep craft or toilet tube bumble bee.

Paper Bag Dog Puppet Craft

Paper Bag Dog Craft for Kids

Making simple crafts can be really fun and when you can use recycled materials to ave fun it’s even better. Today I’ll be sharing this easy dog puppet idea. If you don’t have the supplies, simply switch things. It’s all about the process and having fun rather than making something that is perfect!

What You Will Need for Your Paper Dog Puppet


How to Make This Paper Dog Craft

Draw the shapes you will need with your marker pen. Cut out the dog ears from the brown felt.

Cut out two white ovals for eyes and smaller blue ovals for the pupils. Cut out a yellow triangle nose and a red tongue.

Next glue all the pieces in place. The activity will not take too long but you will need to allow time for the glue to dry.

You could also try making other animals from paper bags such as a pig, a cat or a mouse.

Let me know what you think? I hope you like our Paper dog craft.

Fantastic Paper Weave Seahorse Craft

Ocean paper weave seahorse craft

This is a easy and simple ocean themed paper craft for kids.


Instructions for the bubble wrap print background:

Paint a large piece of bubble wrap with shades of blue paint.

Turn the bubble wrap over and place onto white paper.

Press firmly all over the bubble wrap.

Pull up the bubble wrap.

Allow the paint to dry completely.


Download the seahorse template and print out.

Cut the template out.

Trace the seahorse onto colored cardstock and cut out.

Cut a large white circle and a smaller black circle.

Fold the seahorse in half and cut slits into the middle of the seahorse. Leave at least a half of an inch all the way around to avoid tearing the paper.

Cut strips of colored cardstock. (use a color different from the fish. (try using bold prints or textured cardstock)

Weave the colored cardstock strips in and out of the fish. Secure the ends with a bit of glue.

Use scissors to cut off any excess paper hanging over the sides.

Glue the eye together and then glue them onto the fish.

Glue the back fins and side fin onto the seahorse.

Use a black marker to add a smile to the fish and detail to the side fin.

Glue the seahorse onto the bubble wrap print background.


Don't forget to pin this for future reference

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