Minnie Mouse Christmas Craft for Kids

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Minnie Mouse Christmas Craft For Kids

Are you a Disney fan? If so you will love this fun themed Minnie Mouse Christmas craft. This is a super easy and simple Minnie mouse paper craft and will be fun to make with the kids. With a free template and red glitter you will be able to sprinkle a little Disney magic into your Christmas celebrations.

Using Glitter for This Peppermint Themed Craft

This fun Mickey mouse craft is simple to make and uses red glitter. You can use PVA glue or a simple glue stick to stick your glitter to this paper craft. I prefer a glue stick as it’s less messy.

Supplies Needed for This Minnie Mouse Paper Craft

How to Make This Disney Christmas Ornament

1) Download  the free printable pdf peppermint Minnie Mouse ornament template.

2) Print the three template pages on the correct color of card stock Use white for the ears and head and red for Minnie’s bow. You’ll have extra pieces, so you can use them to make more than one.

3) For each Mickey ornament, cut out two small round ears and one big round head.

4) Glue the ears behind the head with a glue stick.

5) Use white glue to add red glitter to alternating sections of the peppermint candies.

6) For each Minnie ornament, cut out two ears, one head and one bow.

7) Glue the ears behind the head and the bow to the front of your minnie ornament.

7) Add glitter to alternating sections of the peppermint head and ears.

8) Make hangers by looping a piece of twine and gluing it to the back of the minnie mouse ornaments.

9) Let the Disney inspired Minnie head crafts dry completely, and then they are ready to hang.

Download Your Free Minnie Mouse Template Here!

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