Rudolf Mickey Mouse Craft

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Mickey Mouse Rudolf Craft For Christmas

Do you know the most famous reindeer of all? We all know it’s Rudolph but this Mickey Mouse Craft puts a whole new spin on it! Combine that adorable red nose with those big Mickey Mouse ears and you’re certain to have the cutest ornaments on your Christmas tree this year. Fans of Disney are certain to love this fun holiday craft.

Why Hang Ornaments on the Christmas Tree?

Ornaments are used during the holiday season as a form of decoration but for some people, they’re much more than that. Decorating the tree with ornaments can be a way to showcase memories or fun homemade ornaments as well.

Supplies Needed for This Mickey Rudolf Decoration


How to Make This Mickey Rudolf Paper Craft

1) Download  the free printable pdf Rudolph Mickey head template.

2) Print the pages of the template on the correct color of card stock. The color is listed at the top of each page. Page 5 is an optional Minnie bow that you can use or not. You’ll have extra pieces, so you can use them to make more than one Mickey head ornament.

3) For each Rudolph ornament, cut out two ears, two antlers, one head and one red nose.

4) Use the glue stick to attach the ears behind the head and the antlers behind the ears. Then add the red nose to the front.

5) Make the nose sparkle, when you use white glue to add glitter to the nose.

6) Make a hanger by looping a piece of twine and gluing it to the back of the Disney inspired reindeer ornament.

7) Let Rudolph dry completely, and then the craft is ready to hang.

Preschool Paper Weave Ocean Sea Turtle Craft

paper weave turtle craft for kids

This is a fun simple and easy to make Paper weave sea turtle.


Download the sea turtle template and print out. 

Cut the template out. 

Trace the template onto cardstock and cut out. (refer to the photos) 

Fold the sea turtle in half and cut slits on the abdomen. Leave about half an inch around the edges to avoid tearing the paper while you weave. 

Cut strips of light green cardstock. 

Weave the strips in and out of the slits in the turtle. 

Glue the edges of the paper strips to keep them from moving out of place. 

Cut off excess paper. 

Cut a large white circle and a smaller black circle from cardstock. 2x 

Glue the eyes together and then glue the eyes onto the turtle’s head. 

Use a black marker to add a mouth to your turtle. 

Glue your turtle onto the bubble print paper that you made previously. 

Your sea turtle craft is finished! 

Instructions for the bubble wrap print background: 

Paint a large piece of bubble wrap with shades of blue paint. 

Turn the bubble wrap over and place onto white paper. 

Press firmly all over the bubble wrap. 

Pull up the bubble wrap. 

Allow the paint to dry completely. 


Don't forget to download your free template and pin to pinterest for future reference

Download Your Mickey Rudolf Template Here!

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