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Are you planning a summer party? A luau party is a terrific theme if you’re by the pool or just having fun in the sun. And we’ve rounded up a fantastic list of luau cupcakes to celebrate the occasion. From pineapples and palm trees to cute ocean creatures and campfires, you’ll find something to suit any luau, especially if it’s a kid party. But if you’re planning a luau for grown-ups, we’ve included several options with more sophisticated flavors to still go with the theme. Make one type of cupcake or several. After all, you can never have too many luau-themed cupcakes!

Luau Cupcakes Ideas

Pineapple Cupcakes from The Inspiration Edit:

What could be more perfect for a luau party than these beautiful pineapple cupcakes? They not only look like pineapples, but they’re packed with plenty of pineapple flavor, too. Decorating them is so easy. Simply pipe on some yellow icing, and top with our printable pineapple cupcake toppers on toothpicks.

Lollipop Flower Cupcakes from The Inspiration Edit:

These lollipop flower cupcakes are so fun to make, look at, and eat. They look like big tropical flowers! They’re made with lollipops, marshmallows, and sanded sugar.

Little Mermaid Ariel-Inspired Cupcakes from The Inspiration Edit:

Any mermaid fan will have a jaw-dropping reaction to these beautiful Ariel-inspired cupcakes. The icing is stunning seafoam green and blue, and the fondant shells and stars look just lovely.

Pina Colada Cupcakes from Food, Folks, and Fun:

You’ll love all the yummy flavors going on in these pina colada cupcakes. The cupcakes have a coconut-pineapple flavor, the coconut cream cheese frosting is oh-so-good, and they’re topped with toasted coconut, a wedge of pineapple, and a maraschino cherry.

Clam Shell Cupcakes from Mommy Made That:

You’ll love how simple and beautiful these clamshell cupcakes are. They’re fitting for a luau, mermaid party, or a simple beach theme. The clamshell is made with vanilla wafers, frosting, and Sixlets. Isn’t that easy and clever?

Campfire Cupcakes from Champagne and Sugar Plums:

You can’t have a luau without a fire! These campfire cupcakes are so cute, and they can easily be adapted to a luau theme. The toasted marshmallows on pretzel sticks are such a nice touch.

Mermaid Tail Cupcakes from The Soccer Mom Blog:

These cupcakes are so colorful and cute! They’re another excellent addition to a mermaid or luau party. Even though they look like you spent tons of time on them, they’re super simple to make using a mermaid tail mold and gorgeous sprinkles in mermaid colors.

Flamingo Cupcakes from An Alli Event:

Flamingoes remind me of warm weather and cold, tropical drinks. These flamingo cupcakes will make you feel like you’re on an island vacation.

Coconut Cupcakes from Food, Folks, and Fun:

If you love coconut flavor, these cupcakes are a must. Both the cake and buttercream frosting contain cream of coconut and coconut extract. Toasted shredded coconut is added to the top, as well. Yum!

More Luau Themed Cupcakes

Treasure Chest Beach Cupcakes from Not Quite Susie:

Look at this cute treasure chest idea! Silver or gold sprinkles look just like treasure coming out of the chocolate treasure box. The shark gummies are a fun touch, too.

Sandy Rainbow Beach Cupcakes from Cookie Dough and Oven Mitt:

These stunning cupcakes are made with boxed cake mix to make things a little easier. The frosting is a Swiss meringue buttercream mixed with caramel sauce and topped with graham cracker crumbs to create a sandy look. Top with ocean animal sugar decorations or fondant decorations!

Squid Cupcakes from The Inspiration Edit:

Squid luau is a popular Hawaiian dish, but if calamari isn’t on your party menu, these squid cupcakes can be a fun substitute. They’re super easy to make, thanks to marshmallows and Twizzlers.

Octopus Cupcakes for kids

Crab Cupcakes from Must Have Mom:

Speaking of Twizzlers, you could also use them for the legs on these crab cupcakes. Stage these cupcakes in a plate of graham cracker crumbs to make them look like they’re crab-walking through the sand.

Lime Coconut Cupcakes from About a Mom:

The bright tropical flavors of lime and coconut combine in these pretty and simple cupcakes. They’re the perfect cupcake for a party for an older child or adults without over-the-top decor.

Mini Watermelon Cupcakes from Totally the Bomb:

You’re going to love the watermelon flavor of these mini cupcakes. Aren’t mini cupcakes the perfect solution for a party with lots of kids? Many little ones only take a bite or two, so these ensure you don’t find half a cupcake in the trash when the kiddos only want a bite.

Turtle Cupcakes from Tammilee Tips:

Sea turtles are another great option for luau themed cupcakes. It looks like the sea turtle is riding a pretty blue wave. Making the sea turtle is super easy using gummy apple rings, gumdrops, and other candies.

BBQ Cupcakes from Princess Pinky Girl:

Part of the fun of a luau is cooking food over a fire, so these bbq grill cupcakes are quite fitting. The toothpick sewers with gummy fruits, etc. on top is brilliant.

Palm Tree Cupcakes from Tastes of Lizzy T’s: Teddy Grahams on a fruit roll-up beach towel—could it get any cuter? A slice of kiwi on a pretzel stick becomes an easy-peasy palm tree.

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