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Disney Frozen Olafs Adventure Snacking Talking Olaf

Snacking talking Olaf

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Today on The Inspiration Edit we are reviewing the Disney Frozen Olaf’s Adventure Snacking Talking Olaf. My daughter and I love Olaf, in fact we recently share our Olaf Nutter butters here on the blog which were a big hit. When it comes to food, toys and Olaf you really can’t go wrong. We hope you like our latest Hasbro toy review.

The Snacking Talking Olaf is a great new toy which is part of the Olaf’s Frozen Adventure range. The box contains one Olaf character and 4 fun food snacks.

Just like the movie, Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, where Olaf tries to eat food and it simply slides out, you can feed this snacking Olaf and the food will slide out from behind. It is really quite fun and kept my daughter amused for some time.

The Snacking Talking Olaf says funny phrases and makes funny noises when you feed him which adds to the fun. You can press his black button to hear him speak in his cute iconic voice.

I think this is a great toy for kids and the fact the food slides out the back makes the toy really fun.

The Frozen Talking Snacking Olaf retails for around £26.99 and comes with batteries included. Sylvia is quite pleased to have this new toy and was excited to show it to her friend today after school. They played with Olaf and had a great time.

I think this is a real winner for anyone who is a huge fan of Olaf and would recommend it for kids around 3-8 years old.

Angela x

*We were sent this product for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own. 


  1. Olaf is my fave character our of frozen! I love how the concept has been developed! this is such a good day to encourage littlens to eat! the whole if Olaf can do it then so can you! amazing

  2. This is a cute toy for a Frozen fan! I have never actually seen the movie so I don’t know if the snacking is in reference to something from the film or not.

  3. My Son will love this Snacking Talking Olaf. It is a great Christmas gift idea. I will have to add it to my shopping list.

  4. What an adorable toy! I loved your review. I’m looking for great holiday gifts for the little ones on my Christmas list. This looks like a great choice.

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