5 Ideas for a Family Fun Day

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5 Ideas for a Family Fun Day

The school holidays will soon be here, and with the weather looking quite positive for the next few months, it is the ideal opportunity to get out of the house and have some fun as a family. When the school holidays approach, parents are often thinking about how expensive it is to keep the kids entertained for up to six weeks. Well, with a bit of pre-planning and creative ideas, you can have a day of fun without breaking the bank.

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Here are 5 ideas for you to try out:


We can’t guarantee good weather, so sometimes it is best to have an indoor option to choose from. The idea of museums can sound boring initially, but the set-up is very different in many modern museums. For example, the National Football Museum in Manchester is completely free and is open daily. It is ideal for any football mad kids but is also fun for the ones that aren’t so keen on football, as they have great entertainment in the shape of interactive games. There are loads of free museums with fun activities for your family to enjoy, so do a search in your area. Another well-received museum is the Natural History Museum in London, where kids can stay occupied learning about dinosaurs and seeing an interactive Tyrannosaurus rex.

Visit a Skatepark

For some, a full day at the skatepark sounds unrealistic, but if you take a picnic, then your children (and adult members) will be able to spend hours, happily performing tricks and learning new stunts. With scootering and skateboarding becoming more popular (and the latter being drafted in the Olympics), investing in Sacrifice Scooters for your family – big or small – is a great day out. Sacrifice use fluting technology to save weight but keep the strength needed for performing stunts and tricks; therefore, carrying them and transporting them to skateparks is no issue for families.

Who knows, one day, you have a scooting champion on your hands like Leo Spencer who came fourth in the 2016 world championships; sporting a Sacrifice Scooter of his own.

Day at the beach

When the weather is looking spectacularly good, head to one of your nearest beaches. Even if you aren’t close to the coast, you can generally get to a nice beach within a few hours drive or by train. The key to keeping it cheap is to take food with you and make sure you have plenty of games to occupy everyone. Plastic cricket sets, kites, buckets and spades are all cheap and can keep them going for hours.

Visit the zoo

While a trip to the zoo will require you to buy tickets, there are loads of online voucher companies that have great deals offering up to 70% off in some cases. If you plan a few months or weeks in advance, you are more likely to be able to find vouchers for a zoo near you.

Have a games day

Set up your own family Olympics with a schedule of games that suits everyone in the family. You might incorporate Wii Sports or Xbox Kinect, etc. to keep the gamers happy but also mix it up with board games, outdoor sports and other activities like who can bake the best cake. Draw up a leader board, and the winner gets to choose what is for dinner!


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