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Are you a student? Then, you must be spending a lot of time at your desk. What about some upgrades that will make you love your studies and boost your productivity?

We believe you are excited! So, let us move with some highly beneficial ideas.

A Standing Desk to Take Care of Your Health

If you still do not have a standing desk, it is time to get it. We believe you know very well how it feels when you spend the biggest part of your day preparing a report, an essay, or another piece of work that requires working non-stop for at least several hours per day. Most students complain about:

  • Pains and an unpleasant feeling of stiffness in the back. 
  • Headaches – and they cannot be treated easily.
  • Stiffness in the neck.
  • Tiredness of eyes.
  • Pains in the wrists and fingers that can develop into a tunnel syndrome.
  • Many other issues – you can continue, you know all of them.

While you can prevent them by taking a walk every, say, one hour or 30 minutes, sometimes, there is just not enough time to take any breaks. 

But there is a solution. It is a standing up desk. Yes, it is an investment. For the price of a standing desk, you’d be able to buy several traditional desks. However, this investment is worth the effort. With it, you will see the following changes just within a couple of weeks:

  • You will forget about the strange feeling of stiffness and pains.
  • Your eyes will not be tired constantly.
  • You will never think about the tunnel syndrome. 
  • Your efficiency will boost. It is directly connected to the absence of such disturbing factors as pains, etc.

So, in the long run, the standing desk is going to pay off.

A Special CPU Holder Takes Care of Your Precious Equipment

Another piece you need to get is a CPU holder. We aren’t talking about those standard supports that do not add any aesthetics and are rather bothering than helpful. Once you purchase a standing desk, you’ll see that you need something special to take care of your CPU.

There are special CPU holders that can be fixed beneath the desk top of your new desk. Such a CPU holder is almost invisible, is super reliable, and can be removed and stored if needed.

An Adjustable Chair Is a Necessary Addition to the Desk

If you have a height-adjustable desk but use a normal chair, you might not enjoy all the benefits of your new piece. so, getting a new height-adjustable ergonomic chair is a good idea.

So, make sure your new item is ergonomic. It will support your neck, back, and spine in the right position. If it is height-adjustable, you’ll be able to adjust it to the needed height to work comfortably and in accordance with instructions.

If the new chair has head rest and arm rests, it increases its comfort and the usability level. Whenever you need a short break, you can rest your head and relax your arms. Such breaks will help you to get rid of the tiredness and recover your energy.

An Ergonomic Carpet to Keep Your Feet Tuned

If you have never used a standing desk earlier, you might face a not very pleasant experience. Your feet might start becoming tired to fast. It happens because the weight distribution on your feet is not correct. An ergonomic carpet distributes your body weight correctly thus preventing them from getting tired too early.

Even if you are using the best ergonomic carpet, do not forget that abusing anything isn’t healthy. This rule applies to a standing desk, too. Never try to stand for too long. Initially, you might be able to stand as long as 10 minutes. It is perfectly fine. With time, you will be able to increase the standing period. 

Some More Tips to Make Your New Items More Beneficial

Along with not abusing the standing desk, there are some more tips to follow. So, doing exercises helps to keep you fit, and an adjustable desk allows you doing the exercises without leaving your study place. There are a lot of exercises online, and there are a lot of descriptions of how to do them correctly. 

Start with easier tasks. Move to more complicated exercises later, when you feel that you can handle them. 

Bottom Line

Studying is important for your future life. Thus, make sure you can study in comfort and make the process as beneficial to your health as possible. A height-adjustable desk alone is already a good improvement. It will make your study process more pleasant and healthier. But if you add all the above-mentioned items – a chair, a carpet, a CPU holder, and whatever you might need for studies, you will enjoy every minute spend studying. 


Hayley Mann is a technology enthusiast specializing in automation methods of ergonomics devices. Her engineering background helps her to create interesting articles on technical topics, making them understandable for all readers.

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