Guardians of the Galaxy Music Mix Star Lord Review

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Guardians of the Galaxy Music Mix Star-Lord Review

Today on the Blog we are sharing the new Guardians Of The Galaxy Music Mix Star-Lord figure. Sylvia was sent this new action figure to review from Hasbro Gaming as part of our role as Hasbro toy testers.

The Guardians Of The Galaxy Star-Lord figure is pretty cool. According to my husband who went to watch the new movie Star-Lord is a pretty groovy hero. He is like a big kid in an adult’s body and loves to listen to his tape player.

So John found this action figure pretty fun and was able to share his insights with Sylvia as she tested out the new toy. The Star Lord Music Mix figure comes with a tape cassette which is inserted into the tape player to share funky music including the feature song from Marvels Guardian of the Galaxy Vol 2.

The Star-Lord character plays music and also has a number of really awesome action phrases. Sylvia enjoyed testing out the action figure and introducing him to her Disney Belle Doll and Moana doll. She has a great little collection and was please to get a male character.

This character comes with two accessories, the tape deck cassette and two little guns. The figure is 12 inch in height and requires 2 AA batteries.  I’m not sure if this is a toy I would naturally go out and pick for my daughter as she is quite girly but she really does like the figure and it was great to see her having fun with a different kind of toy.

thE star-Lord music Mix figure can be purchased from many toys stores and I think it could make a really fun and exciting gift for a little boy or girl.

We were sent this item for the purpose of review.

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  1. It’s funny to see a girl playing with an action figure but I remember how my boy was playing with Barbie for the first 4 years :). The review it’s great, thank you for all the details

  2. I loved the first movie and cant wait to see the second. It’s really cool that your daughter is a toy tester. Do they also have a Groot figurine in this line?

    1. Oh I think they have figures of all the characters/ I’m sure they do. I will have to look it up.

  3. Your daughter has a really good taste for toys!! My son loves Guardians of the galaxybut I didn’t know about those figures. I will check this out!

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