Fantastic Frog Books to Read With Kids

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Today on Craft Play Learn we have some fantastic frog books for kids. I’m not sure what it is about frogs that makes me love them so much. I do remember going for walks with my parents as a child and hunting for frogs. It was super fun and a great opportunity to learn about the lifecycle of the frog as they grew from eggs to tadpole and so forth.

If you have kids who are interested in frogs, or you’re looking for some fun frog books for preschool or Nursery then you’ve come to the right place. Here are 20 books about frogs to read with and to the children! Enjoy!

Frog Books to Read With Children

So here are our chosen books that teach and share stories about frogs. Enjoy!

Wide Mouthed Frog

wide-mouthed-frog book for kids

Jump Frog

jump-frog-jump books for kids about frogs

Oscar Frog About Growing Science

oscar the frog kids book about frogs

Everything About Frogs Slippery Creatures

everything about frogs and a book for kids

Stop That Frog Heres Hank

stop that frog says hank. a story book about a frog

Frog Toads And Turtles 

Frogs, toads and turtles kids books

Boy Dog Frog Friend

a boy a dog and a frog book about frogs

Brave Red Smart Frog Tales

brave red smart frog a kids book about frogs

Franky Frog Short Stories

freddy the frog book for kids about frogs

Froggy Bakes Cake

Froggy bakes a cake children's book with a frog character

I Don’t Want To Be Frog

i don't want to be a frog book about frogs

Where Is The Frog

where is the frog book for kids about frogs

Frog Plagues

frog and the plagues book with frogs in the story

Froggy Plays Band

Froggy plays in the band kids book with a frog character

Froggy Plays Soccer

Froggy plays soccer but with a frog character

Check Out These Frog Crafts!

If you’re looking for fun frog crafts to go alongside your frog books why not check out the following!

Easy Frog Paper Bag Craft

easy paper bag frog craft two frog paper bags together on a table

Toilet tube frogs -An easy frog activity

Fantastic Frog Crafts For Kids to Make!

frog crafts for kids to make
kids books about frogs

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