Zomlings Season 6 Review and Unboxing

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buzzoole codeToday we are sharing the new Zomlings season six range which is a unique collectible range of colorful Zomlings characters. The Zomlings range is back for their sixth adventure this season they come with new hi-tech vehicles and a futuristic world of over 100 characters.

zomlings Season 6

My daughter loves collector toys and so these were the perfect gift for her to receive. Sylvia got a starter pack, 10 blind bags. 5 Zom-Mobiles, 1 Blister Pack and 3 Capsules.

zomlings Season 6

With over 105 Characters to collect the starter pack is a great place to begin. You get a large guide to all the collector items including the rare and ultra rare Zomlings toys.

zomlings Season 6

Sylvia had her friend over and they opened her season six Zomlings toys together. Sylvia had plenty of fun and was so excited to find an Ultra rare golden Zom-Mobile. The Zomlings collection includes 3 Limited Edition Gold Zomlings and 6 Ultra rare Silver Zomlings. Sylvia got two Ultra rare Zomllings.

These Zomlings are a great choice for kids wth pocket money. The blind bags are only 50p which is quite cheaper than some collector toys I have seen in the past. The Zom- Mobiles are £1.50 and the Blister packs £8.

zomlings Season 6

The Zomlings are targeted at children aged 4 to 7. In addition to the lower-priced items there are New Blister Packs, the Magic Trick School, Pirate and Race Blister Packs as well as the Crazy School Bus Zomlings pack.

zomlings Season 6

Sylvia really likes her new collection of Zomlings and I am sure she will be asking to collect a few more as she earns her pocket money over the autumn season.

Zomlings Series 6 hit the shelves at the end of August, they are available from Co-op, One Stop, Tesco, Sainsbury, Asda, a variety of newsagents and toy stores across the UK. For further information you van visit www.magicboxint.com and don’t forget to follow Zomlings on socialmedia @magicboxtoysuk.

Angela x

*We were sent the Zomlings for the purpose of review.

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  1. I remember collecting something similar when I was younger! They were so much fun and you could look up the different ‘monsters’ online and see what they did etc. Sounds like Sylvia will have a full collection in no time haha!

  2. I’ve been trying to figure out what Zomlings actually are from the adverts, haha. They do look pretty fun

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