Easy Elf on the Shelf Ideas You Will Love

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Here are some fantastic quick and easy Elf On The Shelf Ideas for you to enjoy this Christmas Season. We love Elf on the shelf and today we will be sharing these fun elf on the shelf photos and ideas with you!

What Is Elf on the Shelf?

“What is Elf on the shelf?” My daughter asked me. Boy was she in for a ride. A few years ago I had never heard of the elf on the shelf. He is an Elf who watches your child during the day and reports back to Santa. He also gets up to no good during the night. Today, I am sharing some fantastic, funny, and easy Elf on the shelf ideas that I’m sure you will love.

Fantastic Elf On The Shelf Ideas

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Quick and Easy Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Whether you have a lot of time or your looking for something more extravagant, here are some quick and easy elf on the shelf ideas I am sure you will enjoy creating for the kids at home. The elf on the shelf can be for adults as well as kids and there are lots of ideas which can be used for either age group.

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These are all our own photos and we would love you to try out our ideas and Pin them on Pinterest. Which idea do you like the most?

easy elf on the shelf ideas The elf sitting next to santa.

#1 Bad Elf on the Shelf 

So here is the first Elf on the shelf idea. We sat the elf on the shelf next to a serviette that says Bad Santa on it. I think it’s a cute idea and my daughter really loved it. Sylvia loves dogs so this went down really well. Do you like our bad elf on the shelf idea? 

easy elf on the shelf ideas... a naughty elf

#2 Drunk Elf on the Shelf

The next idea is a naughty one and a mischievous elf on the shelf idea. The elf has drunk everyone from the decanter and is a little tipsy. This is a fun adult elf on the shelf idea but also great for kids.

Mischievous Elf On The Shelf Ideas

#3 Elf Riding a Bichon Dog

The Elf on the shelf has been up to no good riding on the Bichon dog. You could use any ornament in the home to create this effect. This was a fun idea to try and again one my daughter loved.

Mischievous Elf On The Shelf Ideas

#4 Elf on the Shelf Tying Up the Angel 

The naughty Elf on the shelf has tied up the angel from the Christmas Tree and placed her on the train tracks. This is one of my favourite funny elf on the shelf ideas. The Elf is watching as the train is about to run the Angel over! This sure brought a few giggles to our home and is a fun original idea that we came up with.

Naughty Elf On The Shelf Ideas

#5 The Elf On The Shelf  Is Cleaning

The Elf on the shelf is sitting on the vacuum and has been cleaning up. Not so naughty but this time he’s been trying to help out!

The Elf On The Shelf  Is Cleaning

#6 Elf on the Shelf Messages

One idea you may like to try which is an easy elf on the shelf idea is writing a message. Here the elf is sharing a pun, a play upon words, telling us to “Let our light’s shine”. He’s also been a naughty elf, turned the light on in the night and climbed on top of the lamp.

Elf On The Shelf Messages

#7 Elf on the Shelf in the Clock

The Elf on the shelf has been playing with Christmas decorations and tangled them up in the clock. What a naughty elf! 

naughty Elf On The Shelf On The Clock

#8 Elf on the Shelf Climbing the Christmas Tree

Well, you ain’t having fun if you’re Elf on the shelf hasn’t climbed the Christmas Tree. This photo is of the naughty elf who has knocked down lot of ornaments climbing the Christmas Tree.

elf on the shelf climbing the christmas tree

#9 the Elf on the Shelf Eating Chocolate

This was a fun idea and one my daughter thought was very cheeky but funny. This dirty Elf on the shelf idea is super fun and he has a really dirty face after opening the chocolate bar in the night. What a naughty elf.

Easy Elf on The shelf Ideas the elf is eating chocolate

#10 Elf on the Shelf Eating the Candy

My daughter had a packet of Toffees and the naughty Elf on the shelf opened them all up on the kitchen counter. You could use candy, sweets or lollies to create a similar effect and it’s a super easy elf on the shelf idea to try.

Elf On The Shelf Eating The Candy

#11 Elf on the Shelf in the Fridge

This has to be one of my favourite Elf On The Shelf moments, when the elf sat in the fridge. He was such a monkey trying to eat more food or maybe he just missed the coldness of the north pole?

Either way this is an easy and simple idea which takes very little effort. You could even write a little message, like “it’s getting cold in here” or something similar if you like.

I think the Elf on the Shelf is a fun and fantastic idea. It can really get kids excited about Christmas and make December super fun.

In our home we are taking part in a campaign called #LightTheWorld. Each day of December up to Christmas, we will be doing a special act of kindness such as giving service or offering charity to those around us. I think that too can bring the spirit of Christmas into the home and add to the fun and joy of the season.

I really do hope you love these simple, fun and easy elf on the shelf ideas. They are a lot of fun and go well with the Elf on the shelf book which comes with the famous Elf On The Shelf Character. Enjoy!

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