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DIY Ping Pong Snowman Decoration

DIY Snowman Decoration

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Today I am sharing a fun and easy to make DIY Ping Pong Snowman Decoration. Making decorations can be super fun and really bring out the joy of Christmas. My daughter loves arts and crafts and I know she is going to love making more decorations with me in the lead up to Christmas. There are so many things you can make and here is our quick and easy Pingpong Snowman tutorial. I hope you like it and do let me know if you try this at home.

Angela x

DIY Snowman Decoration

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DIY Snowman Decoration


How To Make This Ping Pong Christmas Craft

Paint craft stick white on both sides

Add black dots for coal buttons using your paint or markers

Paint your snowman’s face (be creative here / make wild snowmen or a traditional Frosty ; it’s up to you)

Use a utility knife to cut a small slit in bottom of snowman’s head. Insert craft stick.

DIY Snowman Decoration

How To Make The Scarfs

Scarves can be made of ribbon, felt, or you could crochet a tiny scarf, too.

DIY Snowman Decoration

How To Make The Top Hat

To make TopHat, make a cylinder as tall as you want hat to be.

Cut a circle just a little larger than the base of the cylinder for the bottom with brim or, you can order these.

Cut a circle for the top and glue pieces together.

DIY Snowman Decoration

To make ladies scarf/hat, cut a piece of felt in the shape of a triangle leaving a long strip on the base side to wrap around like a scarf.

DIY Snowman Decoration

And there you have the tutorial. I do hope you like this Snowman decoration idea. We sure do.

DIY Snowman Decoration


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  1. What a cute idea, and I love that it is something easy my kids can do. My oldest was so sad his snowman melted last month so he’d love a more permanent one!

  2. I want to make my own tree decorations this year and these look pretty, easy to make and super adorable. I love that you use ping pong balls.

  3. These are so cute and easy to make. I will have to get the supplies I need to make a few this weekend. The kids will love them.

  4. These are the cutest. When i was director of children’s ministry at my church i was always looking for things like this.

  5. You made this craft/art look so easy. It is simple, yet beautiful. I particularly love the ear muffs. I really have to try it out. Cheers!!

  6. These DIY Ping Pong Snowman decorations are perfect for the winter. I would love to make these and even gift them to friends for Christmas. Thanks for sharing these awesome snowman decorations.

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