DIY Harry Potter Wands For Muggles

I have one of the most amazing friends who lives in the USA. Her name is Elizabeth and she is such a fantastic example to me. Elizabeth is a great Mother and a wonderful friend and I’m so glad we met. She has brought happiness and joy to my life and last year when Elizabeth and her family visited the UK, we were able to meet for the first time in real life. It was an amazing night.

Elizabeth has two wonderful and fantastic daughters. They are always doing fun and wonderful things and I really love to keep up with the things they do. Elizabeth’s family are huge Harry Potter fans and when they came to the UK, they went to London to visit the Harry Potter Studio Tour in London. The whole family dressed in Harry Potter robes and toured the Studios. It was for them a fantastic experience.

Since returning to the USA, I have watched the fun things my friend and her daughters do. For Valentines Elizabeth and her eldest Mary Ann, made Harry Potter wands for Muggles. They are awesome.

diy harry potter wand

Now making a DIY Harry Potter Wand is not a unique or original idea only done by my friend, you can find tutorials on youtube and there are lot’s of ways to make these wands, however I was so impressed with Elizabeth’s wands I had to share them here on The Inspiration Edit. They are just fantastic.

diy harry potter wand

What do you think? Elizabeth made the wands using paper, glue and acrylic paints. I am so impressed.

diy harry potter wand

First she rolled up pieces of paper and used hot glue to create the basic wand shape. Once the Harry Potter wands were dry they were then spray painted and given a dry-brush coat of acrylic paint.

diy harry potter wand

The wand’s look so authentic and amazing and I am so so impressed. It’s a great idea and something I thought my audience would love to see. I am hoping in the future to take my daughter to The Harry Potter Studios. I would love to visit Platform 3 1/4. That would be awesome.

diy harry potter wand

Mary Ann took her wands to school as Valentines gifts for all her friends. She added a tag which says, “Are you my favourite Muggle”. I thought these were such a sweet idea and Elizabeth is super talented. I just love them!

What do you think?

Angela x


diy harry potter wand diy harry potter wand




  1. Thanks so much for this article. Making a “Harry Potter Wand” is a great idea for an activity to do with my neice and nephew. They are both huge fans and I am sure they would enjoy doing this with their Auntie Nic.

  2. What a neat Valentines gift. I’m sure the kids thought she was the bomb I’m laughing because the teachers were probably not so excited about everyone swinging their wands around all day.

  3. Wow, I didn’t notice that it’s made of paper and glue. I thought these were made of brass. Those would be wonderful souvenir items/gift for their friends from their trip.

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