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DIY Halloween Craft Wooden Spoons

halloween craft

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Are you looking for easy and simple DIY Halloween Craft ideas? Then look no further!

Today we have a super fun painting craft idea. You can paint Halloween characters with the little ones onto spoons and use them as Halloween decorations during the spooky season. 

It’s fun and easy for kids including preschool and nursery aged children. 


DIY Halloween Craft Wooden Spoons

halloween craft

Supplies For Your DIY Halloween Craft 

  • Wooden Spoons
  • Various Paint Colours/Pens
  • Paint Brush/Paint Sponge

halloween crafts

How To Make Your DIY Halloween Craft 

I’ll now give a small break down on how to paint the Frankenstein, Jack-O-lantern and the Black Cat.

Frankenstein Craft

Step 1: Start by painting the spoon green.
Step 2: Using white puffy paint draw on two white dots for eyes.
Step 3: Complete the Rest of Your Face and of course don’t forget the bolts on the sides of your Frankenstein’s head.
Step 4: Add a couple of “stitches” and your finished!

Jack-O-Lantern Craft

Step 1: start by painting your spoon orange.
Step 2: Draw two triangles facing the right way for your eyes and draw an upside down triangle in the middle of the face for your nose.
Step 3: Draw a cut out “teeth” mouth and that’s all!
halloween wooden spoons

Black Cat Craft

Step 1: Start by painting your spoon purple.
Step 2: Using a black paint pen draw the silhouette of a black cat.
**Alternate Idea: If a cat may be too difficult for you, try designing with a Halloween phrase like “Happy Halloween!” Or “Boo!”
halloween wooden spoons
You can now use these a fun decorations for Halloween! 
halloween wooden spoons
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halloween craft
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