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Are you looking for a fabulous dream catcher that will keep those bad dreams at bay? It can be difficult to find dream catchers in today’s society, so instead, you can make your own. Below, you will be able to make a DIY dream catcher using our step by step guide. Good luck and happy sleeping!

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List of Supplies for DIY Dream Catcher

How To Make A Dream Catcher

You will need to follow the step by step directions below to complete your dream catcher. Be sure not to skip any steps!

Step 1

Determine the size for the dream catcher and prepare the round base from craft wire. You can also use embroidery hoop or store-bought round base for the dream catcher.

Step 2

Collect or buy or crochet a doily slightly smaller than the round base from step one. Place the base on a flat surface and then place the doily in the middle of the base. Prepare needle with white thread.

Step 3

Draw the needle through the doily and then around the base each time. Continue to do so until reaching near the first wrap. Once the doily is attached nicely with the base, tie 2 tight knots with the remaining thread around the base and then cut off extra thread.

Step 4

Now let’s prepare the satin flowers. Cut 4 round shapes of 4 different diameters from satin fabric.

Step 5

Use a lighter to burn the sides of the round satin cutouts. Now place the satin pieces one on top of the others, keeping the bigger ones on the bottom.

Step 6

Prepare needle and thread and stitch the center of the satin pieces to join them together. Attach a small faux pearl on the middle to complete the flower. 

Step 7

Once the stitching is complete draw the needle to the back side of the satin flower. Tie knot and cut off extra thread. Similarly create a few more satin flowers.

Step 8

Grab a piece of yarn and a faux feather. Attach the feather with the yarn by simply tying a tight knot around the shaft.

Step 9

All items ready? Let’s make the dreamcatcher now.

Step 10

Grab the feather attached yarn first and then attach it with the base by wrapping it around the base and tying a knot.

Step 11

Similarly attach a few more feather attached yarn strands with the base.

Step 12

Prepare some yarn strands and attach them with the base via rya knots. Keep them between the feather strands.

Step – 13:

Attach some crochet lace around the base, between the yarn strands. Try to fill one fourth of the base with the yarns and laces.

Once you are satisfied with the amount of yarns and laces, add some faux pearl beads through some yarn strands randomly.


Don’t have time to get this dream catcher done all at once? No problem! Just go ahead and pin it to your Pinterest so you can find it later!

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