Why I Blog When I Am Really Unwell: Chronic Illness Blogger

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Chronic Illness blogger

Today I’m having a bad health day. My Adrenal Pump ran out in the night unexpectedly and so when I woke up I was really unwell. It will take a few days to get right but I’m having one of those days when you just can’t think straight or concentrate to do anything you want to. So I’ve been resting up in bed and sleeping until I could not sleep any longer.

blogging with chronic illness

The strangest thing is when I feel so unwell that I can’t perform the tasks I want to there is always one thing I can do and that is write …. write like no one is watching, write about my feelings or my day. I guess it’s due to spending the last 20 plus years keeping a journal and whenever I felt bad, or unwell or upset, I would write.

So when I feel unwell I write. I don’t understand how I can do this. I don’t have strength to think about content, create an idea or roundup or do photography editing or uploading. What I can do is simply type away.

I spoke to my neurologist about this. I asked him, “how is it I can write when I get really sick and can’t focus or concentrate and even remember everything?”. I was told it’s an automated thing I have learnt to do and the neurologist said it made sense.

Having a fog over your mind, not being able to focus on small tasks or remember what your doing from one minute to the other is normal when the body gets low in cortisol. However I can still say how I feel and it just pours out… so why not.

I love blogging. It’s kind of fun but it’s also a lot of hard work. There are a lot of sacrifices and a lot of time has to be put in. It takes much longer than you’d expect and is a great balancing act. For a blog to run successfully you have to work work work. You have to put in money and invest.

People often assume you get freebies as a blogger, but the reality is a product to review comes through spending hours, days, months and years of writing and promoting your own unpaid content. You can’t just start a blog and expect to get free products to review within a few weeks. A blog needs to be built, lots of learning needs to take place and a genuine following built.

You really need to love what you do or write about in order for a blog to become a success otherwise you would be making huge sacrifices for something you dislike and what would be the point in that?

So ….As I sit here in bed, I won’t focus on the things I can’t do. The things I want to do but my brain just hurts thinking about. Instead I will rest. I will let my VA take over the social media promotion- which she does when I’m unwell. I would sit and watch some tv but I can’t focus enough for that.  I also can’t walk around today. I’m too weak and dizzy.

So here I sit until Sylvia comes home. I’ll check in on facebook which again is something i can do…. chit chat is easy and does not take too much brain power but the big tasks or those things I would be working on if I were not feeling this way will have to wait till next week.

Welcome to my world of random verbal talk.


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  1. Sorry to hear you are feeling very unwell at the moment. It’s really good that you have this space that you have carved out for you and that you can turn to it during times like this. Get lots of rest xx

  2. awww hope you feel better soon. Thats amazing that you have been journaling all this while and can still muster up the energy to blog when feeling well. Hope you feel better soon. God bless you!!!

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