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This week we are reviewing three fantastic Spider-Man Toys form the Hasbro Home Gaming range. One might think Spider-Man toys are just for boys but as a child I loved action figures and enjoyed playing at my friends house with all his “boy toys”. Sylvia is the same. She loves dolls and girly things but she also enjoys climbing trees and playing with toys which are usually aimed at boys.

We were sent the Tech Suit Spider-Man which is a quality Spider-Man toy for kids. Inspired by the upcoming film, Spider-Man: Homecoming, this figure features light up eyes, Spider- Man’s voice from the film, and has 2 modes of play.

This Spider-Man Action figure has 40 plus motion activated phrases and sounds and Sylvia has enjoyed playing with her Spider-Man alongside her female dolls and figures.

The Tech Suit Spider-Man has two modes, You lift Spider-Man’s arms to go into flight mode. Here his webs are fully expanded. Turn Spider-Man upside down and he get’s dizzy. Move his arms down and he goes into Battle mode.

I am sure any child would love to play with this figure and he sure is a fun toy and action figure.

The second product we were sent from Hasbro Gaming was the Spider-Man web wings. This role-play set includes 6 pieces!

The set has two 2 web wings, 1 blaster gauntlet, 2 projectiles, and a utility belt! Sylvia could deploy the web wings using the switch on the gauntlet. She had fun shooting her dad, (the photographer) with her projectiles and really got into the super hero role play.

We did not have a Spider-Man costume to go with the web wings but Sylvia had a lot of fun using the web wings and even started climbing trees, pretending to be Spider-Man.

The third product we received is the Spider-Man Rapid Reload Blaster. Now this was a fun toy. The toy included a blaster, 6 web nerf darts, 2 cartridges and a cartridge holder. This is a great toy for kids and in a fun addition to our Nerf collection. Sylvia again had fun shooting at her dad and later made a target in the garden to practice her blasting technique. She had a lot of fun and enjoyed testing out these toys.

We were sent these items from Hasbro as we are part of the toy testing tribe and this is an honest and truthful review.