Helping Children to Save Money Plus Free Printable

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Helping Children to Save Money Plus Free Printable

For those of you who follow The Inspiration Edit, you will be aware that both Sylvia and I are huge Disney Fans. Although we have travelled for blog purposes and medical reasons, we have not been on a real “Family holiday” since 2013. However we have plans and I’m excited.

Helping Children To Save Money Plus Free Printable

At Easter we are planning to go on a little holiday with my parents here in the UK. It will be a small quiet holiday in Yorkshire and we are excited and looking forward to time as a family. In addition to this we are planning a more long term holiday.

I talked to my daughter about her dream holiday and we decided we would love to return to Disney Land before Sylvia turns ten. We have 15 months to save for our dream holiday and Sylvia is doing a great job.

As well as searching for coins and collecting everything she finds in the home, Sylvia is doing small chores, jobs and work to earn money. As she earns, she saves this in a jar and so far she has saved 10 whole pounds. I am super proud of her.

Going on Holiday is a real dream and I have created a printable for Sylvia to use to record the money she saves each week. This is a 10 week chart which we will print out every ten weeks to help her work towards her dream of Disneyland. 

We also joined change checker to check coins to see if we have any rare ones in our day to day shopping. 

It’s not going to be easy, especially with all the medical costs I have but my daughter deserves a family holiday and we will work towards that over the coming year. I am excited and so is Sylvia. This is a great opportunity to teach her about saving and being responsible with money.

My Holiday Savings Chart

I’ve added a downloadable version of our Savings Chart to the blog if you would like to download your copy. I hope this you find this helpful.

Free Kids Saving Chart

The PDF also includes a general Kids Saving Chart for whatever they are saving for be it a holiday, a new toy or a special occasion.

Angela x


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