Disney Beast Mickey Ears Christmas Ornament

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Disney Beast Mickey Ears Christmas Ornament

Are you a fan of the Beast from the Disney movie Beauty And The Beast? If so then you will love this wonderful Beast craft and Christmas ornament idea for kids. 

This fantastic DIY Disney craft is super easy to make and comes with a free beast printable to make the paper craft easy and simple to create. You’ll love this Disney themed idea for kids and can make this fantastic Beast craft at home or in the classroom setting. Enjoy! 


How Old Is Beast From Beauty and the Beast

One question, I’ve always wondered about the Beast from Disney’s movie is how old is the beast? Well, here is the answer. 

The Beast was cursed when he was around 10-11 years old. As the curse on the beast and the petals on the rose had almost fallen off after ten years we can assume the Beast is around 21 years old when Belle helps to remove the curse. 

What Is The Beasts Name? 

Well, recently my daughter asked me what is the Beasts name from Beauty and the beast? I had to do some research as I didn’t know the answer. In fact it turns out that the Beast does not have a common everyday name.

Although there had been rumours going around that the Beast was called Adam, this is not the case. In the original book and in the Beauty and the Beast movie, the Beast is always referred to as Beast, The Beast or Master. He does not have any other name. Now that is an interesting fact! 

Supplies Needed for This Beauty and the Beast Craft

How to Make a Disney Beast Ornament

Download and print out the Beast Mickey head ornament templates.

Pay close attention to the colours the PDF instructs you to print each page on.

Start assembling Beast by gluing the ears behind the ornament and then glue the clothes onto the front.

Glue on the details and the Beast horns.

Carefully add white glue to the areas you’d like to glitter. Add glitter and shake off excess.

If glitter is not your thing, you can absolutely leave this part out of the process.

Cut a small bit of ribbon, thread or twine and loop it. Glue this behind the Beast ornament.

If you’d like to cover the glued ribbon, simply add a circle the same colour as Beast.

Your ornament is done and ready for your Christmas tree!

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Download Your Free Disney Beast Mickey Ears Template Here! 


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