Easy Clown Craft for Kids: Paper Bag Clown

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Today on The Inspiration Edit we have a fun and easy Clown Craft For Kids! This Paper Bag Clown is perfect for a circus or carnival-themed birthday party, classroom project, or just because.

So grab the kids and some supplies and let’s get started! While making this fun clown craft why not check out these funny school jokes for kids.

Before we start let’s look at the history of clowns:

History of Clowns

The word “clown” is derived from the Middle English word “cloyne” or “clowne,” which originally meant a rustic, awkward, or stupid person.

The first clowns in America were called “hell-raising clowns” because they often played practical jokes on each other and got into physical altercations.

In the late 1700s, English Actor Joseph Grimaldi became the most famous clown of his time. He was known for his white face makeup, red nose, and extravagant clothing.

Clowns have been a part of American circus tradition since the early 1800s.

The first circus in America was held in Philadelphia in 1793.

Clowns became more family-friendly in the late 1800s when they began to perform slapstick comedy and participate in skits and clown cars.

Now that we know a little bit about clowns, let’s get started on our craft!

Supplies Needed for This Fun Clown Craft

How to Make a Paper Bag Clown Circus Craft

Here are the steps for making this fun paper bag clown circus craft.

Download and print out your paper bag puppet template

Cut out and trace the template pieces.

Glue the blue and orange background onto your brown paper bag.

Next add the ruffled collar and clowns head. Glue on the clown’s hair and add buttons to his clothing.

Next add the clowns cheeks and mouth.

Glue the eyes, nose and eyebrows to your clown paper bag craft.

Use a red pen to add a smile and a black pen to ad small detail to the clowns buttons.

Your clown puppet is now ready.


paper bag clown puppet

Print Your Paper Bag Clown Craft Here

Paper bag Clown Puppet Craft Template

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