Christmas Buffet Sandwiches

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I love Christmas time. I love the foods, the gifts, and having all my friends and family around. But, most of all, I love getting my family into the Christmas spirit all month long. One way I like to get my daughter into the Christmas spirit is by sending her with these Christmas Buffet Sandwiches in her lunchbox. 

These Christmas Tree Sandwiches make a great lunch idea, but they are also perfect to have made as appetizers while you are cooking your Christmas meal. In fact, I even put them out as appetizers for my Thanksgiving meal. 

Christmas Buffet Sandwiches

Christmas Buffet Sandwiches Ingredients

This is based on two trees so you can move up the amounts to make how many ever you would like the recipe to reflect.

  • 6 pieces Salami
  • 4 slices Cheese
  • 6 slices of bread
  • Condiment of choice
  • Wood skewers

How to Make Christmas Buffet Sandwiches

Break the wood skewer in half and set it aside.

Cut out bread with a star cookie cutter.

Cut cheese with a star cookie cutter. Use a small star cookie cutter to cut out a small bread for each and a small cheese for each.

On one half of the skewer layer bread, cheese, salami, and repeat.

Serve condiments on the side for dipping.

Christmas Buffet Sandwiches

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Christmas Buffet Sandwiches
Christmas Buffet Sandwiches

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