Fun Sandwiches a Tasty Kids Snack

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Fun Sandwiches a Tasty Kids Snack

Here is a tutorial on how to make tasty and fun sandwiches. Last week Sylvia and I purchased some lovely animal cookie cutters. They are so cute. We got one rabbit, an owl, a fox, a bear, and a squirrel.

We tried out the cutters and decided to make a batch of owl sandwiches for lunch. It really was a fun activity for me and Sylvia. We cook out 8 owls and covered them in Tuna Mayonaise.

We then chopped some red pepper beaks, cucumber feat and pickled onion eyes. I was going to make eyes out of olives but we didn’t have any in and we were using what we had in the home.

The owls looked fantastic once we had finished them! I really was pleased and Sylvia enjoyed a lovely lunch. We even shared with Daddy!

Easy and tasty Fun Sandwiches

Sylvia enjoyed her sandwiches with a BabyBell and a nice cup of hot chocolate! An easy, tasty and fun lunch.


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Easy, tasty and fun sandwiches

Angela xx

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  1. Angela these look amazing! I have been looking for fun ideas for SJ’s school lunch and these would be adorable! I am visiting you from #AnythingGoes

    1. Cool! I’m glad you liked our Owls! I feel excited as I’ve discovered something new I like to do with my daughter and can;t wait to experiment with some other cutters! Angela xx

  2. These are so cute! Inalways love other people’s posts like these! I have to say I never go to such effort. The most my poor bunch get is a sandwich shaped with a cookie cutter! Xx #Mummy&Us

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed this! I try to cover a variety of “kids fun” ideasand lvoe it when we do something random which turns out to be a good post as well!

      Angela xx

  3. How adorable do these little sandwiches look! My little girl would absolutely love these! Thanks for sharing x

    1. Thanks Kandy! They are adorable and I cant believe I made them lol! Once upon a time there was no creativeness in me at all.. It is now growing and developing! Angela x

  4. Aw, they are fab. My toddler would love these, he’s just getting over a really fussy phase so I’m keen to give him different foods to try in a fun way.
    Becky xx

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