Celebrating 15 Years of Smiggle Smiles and Giggles

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Celebrating 15 Years of Smiggle Smiles and Giggles

Today is my daughter’s 10th Birthday. It is also the 15th Birthday for Smiggle, a fantastic Kids brand which creates smiles and giggles. Well they certainly do for my daughter Sylvia as we are super fans of the Smiggle store and brand. We only discovered the store a few years ago but it has quickly become a favourite for my daughter and a place she loves to shop.

In fact Smiggle sell so many amazing products from pencil cases and stationary items to school bags and water bottles.

Smiggle have some fantastic products to celebrate the Smiggle 15th Birthday. They have lunch boxes, headphones, books and so much more. Sylvia loved visiting Smiggle to see what new products they have available. In fact when we visited the store she found some lovely items from the 15th Birthday range which she loved.

My daughter has no idea that Smiggle UK sent us a parcel of goodies to celebrate the Smiggle 15th Birthday. They are all wrapped up and Sylvia will be opening the items this morning. She is going to love it. I know because some of the products she is getting are the same ones we saw in store, ones my daughter said she loved!


Sylvia is getting a gorgeous Smiggle 15th Birthday Charm necklace which she saw in store and loved. I am super excited for her!

Sylvia will also be getting some birthday cake lip balm, a badge, highlighter nail polish, a wrist clasp. hair brush and little note pad.

Even cooler is that she will be getting two 15th birthday celebration notebooks. My daughter is a tween and loves note books at the moment so these will come in handy. I plan to take Sylvia to London in the Summer Holidays and we want to visit the new Flagship Smiggle store in Oxford Street. I know it will be an amazing experience when we do go and I can’t wait to take Sylvy. I best get saving.

Do your kids like Smiggle? We sure do!

*We Were Gifted the Above Smiggle Items as Part of This Blog Post*

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  1. Ahh! My youngest is crazy about Smiggle. We can’t go into town without visiting their shop.
    I didn’t realise they were 15 years old. I only first heard of them a couple of years ago.

  2. They look like they have some amazing things! My girls would love to check out everything that they have.

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