Letter E Worksheets for Preschool Kids

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Letter E Worksheets For Preschool Kids

Today on Craft, Play, Learn we have some fantastic E is for earth worksheets for you to download for the kids. These are great for teaching about the letter E, and would also be fantastic activity sheets to teach kids about earth day.

E Is for Earth Worksheets

These fantastic letter E coloring pages and tracing sheets are really useful and can be downloaded for free her on the blog. It’s always good to teach literacy and basic letter recognition skills to kids and these preschool worksheets are great for doing just that.

letter e worksheets

How to Use These Letter E Worksheets

In this preschool worksheet pack you get four worksheets:

  • Letter E tracing page.
  • Letter e coloring page.
  • E is for earth worksheets to learn odd and even numbers.
  • letter e counting printable

You can use these sheets for counting and letter e tracing practice. The kids can color the earth or even paint the earth and this would be a great way to lead a discussion about protecting the environment and the wonderful world around us.

These letter e worksheets could be a great introduction to World Earth Day and would go nicely along a story about the earth, a earth themed song or earth day craft.

Check out this fun Earth Day Activity over on The Inspiration Edit! It’s a really simple but fun craft and comes with a free template too.

You can use this fun craft to teach children about the earth and use it as a starting point for teaching about protecting the earth from pollution and looking after the world in which we live.

Earth day activity for kids

Download Your Free Letter E Worksheets Here!

Letter E Printable

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