11 Tips on How to Not Lose Custody of Your Baby

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Custody battles are one of the most gruesome procedures people have to go through. Fighting with your ex-partner over the guardianship of your children is far from pleasant. Such court cases always scare both parents as no one wants to lose their precious children.

Even after winning a custody battle, it is possible to lose it again if your ex can justify their case in court. Want to make sure that you don’t lose your children’s custody? Follow the eleven tips given below.

How to Not Lose Custody of Your Baby

Listen to Your Lawyer

Lawyers can play crucial parts not only during divorce but also before and during the marriage. Finding a good lawyer and consulting them during legal-related life decisions is vital.

If you consult a lawyer before marriage, they will suggest getting a prenup. Prenups can safeguard you against many divorce-related issues and can even help you get custody of your children! This is why lawyers ask people to get a prenup after marriage if they didn’t get one before.

The most crucial thing that ensures that you don’t lose custody of your baby is listening to your lawyer’s advice. Do not violate any rule your lawyer has strictly prohibited you from. They know the law better than you and know how to present your opinions in front of the judge. 

Your lawyer can help you get your child. Hire a lawyer you can afford and listen to their advice. They can give you info on getting primary custody and they can also help you fill out legal documents correctly, which is essential in custodial cases. The lawyer will show you the legal ways and help you understand the custody system better.

Refrain From Domestic Violence

Abstain from domestic abuse towards your partner and your children. This will have a positive impact on your child’s mental health as well as on your case.

Domestic violence is far the most inhuman activity by a parent, so refrain from this to avoid allegations from your partner in court. 

Domestic violence also includes mental and sexual abuse. Any parent who truly loves their children wouldn’t engage in these awful things.

Develop Your Bond With Your Baby

Build a trustworthy, healthy, and honest relationship with your child. This will help your child know that you care for him/her and make them choose you as their legal parent. 

Spend more time with your child.  Eat, play, and have fun together and help them with their needs and problems.

Try to show affection and value their opinions. This will not only help your child to have an understanding of their connection with you but also create a better environment for them to live in. 

Don’t Fall Into Alcohol/Drug Addiction

Create a safe environment for your child. Drugs and alcohol abuse can have a bad impact on your profile and your child’s mental health as well. This will also loosen your chances of getting even partial custody. 

Drug and alcohol abuse can lead to jail time. It is unlikely for the judge to give custody to a former alcoholic, addict, or prisoner! You can go to therapy, try a new hobby or start working out to beat addiction.

Be Independent Financially and Emotionally

Become financially and emotionally independent. You need to be self-sufficient so that your child can easily cope with the whole divorce situation. Teach your child to be independent and strong as well.

Being financially solvent will give your child a better life. If you’re not financially solvent then don’t worry. Try to maintain a decent living and show the judge you are willing to take care of your child. Take decisions that will work best for your child and try to consider your child’s situation in it too. 

Ensure Your Child’s Mental and Physical Health

It’s vital to keep tabs on your child’s mental health to be able to provide them with a healthy and happy life. You need to have a stable mentality to create a healthy environment for your baby.

Choosing a healthier life will encourage your child to choose a better life too. Make sure they are eating healthy and have health insurance. Make the home environment safe as well. Try to do the best for your child and yourself. 

Prefer Joint Custody 

Sometimes going for sole custody is risky. If the other parent is not an abuser, then the court prefers joint custody. In many cases, you may lose some rights if you force sole custody without any legit reason.

Joint custody will also enable your child to spend time with their other parents. If your partner is not cruel or an abusive parent, then let your child be with their other parent as well. 

Don’t Engage in Criminal Activities

Avoid illegal financial activities like theft, scams, cons, etc. These will immediately shift your custody to your partner and put you into jail. Try to earn a healthy and legal financial living. This will help you to have a better profile in front of the judge and help you protect your child’s custody. 

Don’t Abandon Your Child

Don’t leave your child behind, this can directly lead the judge to give your partner full custody. Make sure to take care of your child. Prioritize your child and give him/her attention.

If you already had left behind your baby but now you don’t want to lose custody then prove you are a better person than before. It’s up to the judge to decide what your child deserves.

Don’t Try to Outdo Your Partner

Competing with your partner and treating this whole custody as a game will eventually give you fewer benefits. Stay true to yourself and your child. Trust yourself, be confident, and don’t try to overpower your partner’s credibility. 

Outdoing your partner will make you look bad in front of the judge. Don’t try to be the bigger person, it’s not about you but your child’s needs and future. So it’s better if you just focus on yourself and let your partner be. 

Don’t Force Relationships

Try to keep everything light-hearted. Don’t force your relationship on your child. Build mutual understanding and respect your child’s boundaries. This will help your child to know you better and have trust in you. 

Forcing your love on your child will create a negative impact. Don’t be too controlling, try to understand what your child wants and then act accordingly. This way, your child will feel safe relying on you. 


Divorce can be a hectic journey for both the parents and the child and child custody is the most crucial part of it. Don’t be too afraid to take risks for your child, but always take a safe, reliable path.

Everything depends on your relationship with your child. Hope these tips will help you to have a better idea about taking your child’s custody.

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