Practical Tips to Package a Fragile Gift for Shipping

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Whether you want to send your beloved girlfriend a surprise gift or ship a birthday present to a loved one that stays quite a distance away from you, there’s no doubt that you want your gift to arrive in perfect condition. And because your package will endure some bumps along the way to its destination, proper packaging is essential, especially if your choice of gift is a bit of a fragile product. 

But before we delve into a few expert packaging tips, it is vital to understand that your choice of courier service will be relevant to the time period and condition that your parcel arrives in; some couriers can take a while to deliver, and service ratings might not be all that impressive. Therefore, it is always the best decision to opt for a courier service that offers a same-day delivery option, such as Arizona Couriers and others with superior service ratings. With that said, these tips will ensure your parcel is protected from standard handling during shipping. 

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Use a Durable Box

Instead of opting for the cheapest box, you can find, buying a durable box to keep the contents safe will make a massive difference. If you opt for a cheap shipping box, it will likely endure some damage along the way to its destination, and even if the damages are minor and don’t harm the contents, the recipient won’t likely appreciate the condition of the box. Find a cosmetic packaging supplier for a durable box that won’t cost all that much. 

Ensure the Box Is the Right Size

Even though it might seem plausible to grab any box at the store, the shipping box must be the proper size. If the shipping box is too big for the contents, the contents will move around easily, resulting in damage. On the other hand, if the shipping box is even slightly too small, the contents will be more likely to endure damage from bumps and handling as you won’t secure the contents with enough additional protection. 

Use Paper and Bubble Wrap for Protection

Wrapping the fragile gift in paper or newspaper first, gently molding a few lawyers of paper to the shape of the present, will provide a base level of protection. Be sure to use a few layers to protect the item properly. Once that’s done, use a layer or two of bubble wrap to provide an airbag for the product. There are also eco-friendly bubble wrap alternatives to consider. It would be best to secure the bubble wrap with a bit of tape, and most types of sticky tape are suitable. 

Fill In Empty Spaces in the Box

After inserting your bubble-wrapped gift into the shipping box, there might be some spaces left. Fill in these spaces using either paper or pieces of bubble wrap. This action will ensure your gift will not be moving around within the shipping box during shipment. You should then seal the box using quality box tape and place a “fragile” label warning on the shipping box along with the shipping details. 

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