5 Fun Kitchen Chores for Your Kids

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Chores are a great way to keep your kids busy and teach them how to be responsible at the same time. The trick is how to make them fun so they won’t seem like, well… chores. Lockdowns around the globe are keeping many of us inside these days and the task of keeping your children entertained for weeks on end may seem like an impossible task. The good news is that with these 5 fun kitchen chores, your kids will be happy to help.

Sweep the Floor

This chore is made abundantly more fun if you scatter some brightly colored confetti slime on the floor. That may seem counterproductive but children will battle to focus on plain old boring dirt and dust, the bright colors will give them a goal to work towards and they’ll be sweeping the actual dirt at the same time.

Label Your Food Containers

Labeling can be a world of fun for your kiddies, it’s something about the peeling and sticking that amuses them. The key here is to be patient, the sticking might not always be straight but they’ll stick them down with love and that’s all that matters. Get yourself a Brother label maker and the sky is the limit for what you can organize.

Unpacking the Dishwasher

Unpacking the dishwasher is another great chore that can be jazzed up with a few added steps. Hide clues in the cupboards and drawers and watch as your kids pack away the dishes with glee! In the end, you can lead them out to the garden (or wherever you have chosen to hide the treasure) and help them uncover it. 

Set the Table

Setting the table is an age-old favorite for parents to task their children with. Setting the table makes eating dinner a special occasion every time because they helped create that. It also teaches kids routine and stability, which is important in every child’s life. There are pictures online that you can download which show them where to put everything so they know where everything goes, which makes it so much easier for them and you.

Napkin Folding 

This last one isn’t quite a necessary chore as such, but it is tons of fun for the kids. Napkin folding is an art but it doesn’t have to be hard. Watch a few tutorials online to find the easiest ones for your kids, like a heart for Valentine’s Day or a ghost for Halloween. Your kids might take a few tries before they perfect their folding skills but they make a great addition to all special occasions. 

Take the hard work and complaining out of kitchen chores by injecting a bit of fun.  Don’t underestimate your kids’ willingness to help, children thrive in a structured environment and chores are the best way to teach them order and discipline. If you think your kids are little brats (it’s okay to admit it…) then that is all the more reason to provide them with a structured environment in which to thrive. 

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