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What Are Shopkins Characters And Why Do Kids Love Them?

Last year my daughter Sylvia discovered Shopkins on Youtube. Now I had no idea what these cute little characters were. Now,  6 months later, I feel somewhat of an expert.

These cute little toys have been out a while now and they are a huge buzz amongst young kids at the moment. We absolutely love them and are slowly collecting the new season of characters which recently came out.

shopkins ice cream van

What Are Shopkins?

Shopkins are small characters. Each Season has a shopping list of departments with characters such as Suzie Sundae a dessert, Jennifer Rain, a Wellington Boot or Nettie Spaghetti a meal.

Some of the characters come in different colours, some are common, other rare or ultra rare and it can be quite difficult to collect all of the different figures on the lists.

The little characters come in different size packs, the smallest being a pack of two which usually cost £2.50 and come in a wrapped up basket making the characters a mystery.

Sylvia loves buying mystery packs as it’s so fun to open the and discover what new character’s she has found. I sometimes use a small pack of these cute little toys as a reward for good behaviour or achievements. I think this is way better than buying food rewards.

Why do kids love Shopkins?

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I think Shopkins are kind of like Kinder Eggs but to me they are much better and more fun to collect. Recently my daughter was given some spending money.

She chose to buy the Shopkins Ice Cream Truck which is available at Argos or any good children’s Toy store. Sylvia was so so excited and was literally Jumping up and down. She could not wait to get home and open her new toy.

shopkins ice cream van


Does Your Child Love Shopkins?

I don’t really think there has been a toy my child has loved as much as the little characters in our home. They really are a big thing at the moment.

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We have been making a few videos on Youtube and Sylvia wants to make some more. This is something my daughter finds really fun. Here is one of our Videos, I hope you enjoy it.

Do you have something you like to collect? How about your child or a family member?