Teaching Photography to Kids

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Teaching Photography to kids can be super fun. My husband and I are both keen photographers and we are keen to share our love of photography to our daughter Sylvia. 

Today I will share a few tips on how to teach basic photography and introduce you to Sylvia’s new book, “Be A Super Awesome Photographer” by Henry Carroll. 

Teaching Photography To Kids

Teaching Photography to Children

Teaching Kids photography can be fun but where do you start? Well, there are lots of things you could do to help your child learn to take photos. Here are some suggestions. 

  • Use real photographs for inspiration.
  • Brainstorm photography ideas.
  • Visit the library and find photography books.
  • Go on a photography adventure.
  • Give your child photography challenges to enjoy. 

20 Photo Challenges 

Last week Sylvia received a new book in the mail called “Be A Super Awesome Photographer”. It’s a fantastic book published by Laurence King and written by Henry Carroll.

Henry Carroll studied photography at the Royal College of Art and his work has been exhibited worldwide. 

This photography inspiring book comes with 20 fantastic and easy challenges inspired by the masters. 

Our daughter took her book and my camera out on an adventure to Astley Hall and started the challenge of taking her own photos. She had a lot of fun and really enjoyed herself. 

What Is the Best Camera for Kids?

When your child is starting out taking photos they can use any camera. As a child I had my own camera, with film. We didn’t have digital back then. 

Today there are plenty of camera options to begin with. 

I think the best camera to practice photography skills when starting out could be a small basic digital camera or smartphone. 

My daughter has been taking photos on my cellphone and her ipod on and off, but recently started to use my own camera. 

I have a digital cannon camera which I love and today Sylvia used this camera to complete photography challenges from her new photography book. 

Teaching Photography To Kids

Be a Super Awesome Photographer: A Review

The photography book Sylvia used is really great. With easy to understand language, the book is full of little tips and and tricks to help kids get creative with their photography. 

The book is well illustrated and has some great examples to inspire children to create their own masterpieces. 

Sylvia loves the book. Whilst she hasn’t yet completed all the challenges, she is finding the book really fun and super useful.

We love that Sylvia has had a fun photography project to do in the holidays and tomorrow she will continue to complete the challenges and tasks set in the book. 

I’m really impressed. It’s a great photography book for kids and covers lots of different types of photography. 

Teaching kids to love photography at a young age is always a good thing. I’m hoping my daughter can develop her photography skills and with a father as a photographer and great books to read and inspire her, I’m sure Sylvia will become very talented at photography in the coming years. 

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*We were gifted this book with the option to review*

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