Your Essential Family Travel Packing List

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When the family is travelling to or from a holiday destination, there are so many eventualities that must be planned for. This is a list of essentials that will ensure that your family holiday travels will go off smoothly and without a hitch!

family-travel packing list

1 – Wallet

This may sound obvious… and it is, but when you don’t have it when you need it, you will not be having a good time. The best wallets for travel are secure, able to hold cash (both coins and notes), cards, and ID. In addition, the wallet must be hard wearing, as there is nothing worse than a wallet falling apart and ruining a holiday.

2 – Snacks

Second only to keeping your essential documents safe is food. Because without food, as a quick pick me up, your children will not be able to function happily. Travelling breaks up your children’s routine, and long hours sitting down, whether it is in the airport or the car, is not fun. Take snacks, everyone will need the morale boost.

3 – Wet Wipes

Wet wipes are a godsend when travelling. They make cleaning muck off clothes easy when you are away from the comforts of home cleaning. Whether it’s cleaning jam off your child’s face, jam off your clothes, or ice cream off your luggage, wet wipes will make your holiday much easier.

4 – Hand Sanitiser

This stuff isn’t just for covid. When you are travelling, you’ll be eating on the go. Washing your hands might not be the most practical. However, being able to sanitise your hands will eliminate the potential for unwanted bacteria viruses, and other micro-organisms from ruining your holiday. No-one likes holiday stomach bugs.

5 – Spare Clothes

I don’t mean spare clothes that are packed away in the checked in luggage, or in the bottom of the car boot. I mean spare clothes that can be accessed, now. Children throw up, all over themselves and others (see the wet wipes again.) Or they could smear food all over themselves and you. Spare clothes are a life saver in this situation away from the comforts of home and the laundry.

6 – Books: Audio and Otherwise

Travelling takes time. Away from home, and often only able to sit in the same spot for hours at a time makes for irritable children. Bored, irritable kids are hard to travel with. This is where books come in. If your children cannot read yet, or are unwilling to read due to car sickness, audiobooks are perfect. Services such as audible are perfect for long trips, offering everything from the classics to modern fiction.

7 – Cards

There will be down time. Whether it’s stopping at a park on a road trip or a lay-over in the airport, sometimes there will be nothing to do. These pauses in travel are the time for the humble pack of cards to shine. Small children will be able to play games such as memory and go-fish, while older children will have fun playing more complex games such as hearts or gin rummy. There are even games that will entertain a child alone; solitaire certainly springs to mind. In any case, cards are small, light, and essential on any trip.

8 – First Aid Kit

It is the extremely lucky family that gets through a holiday unscathed. Skinned knees, grazes and innumerably small cuts will be accumulated by children simply by running around and playing. Plasters of all shapes and sizes are essential. Children can also be a headache – literally – and so packing some pain relief: Panadol, Paracetamol and aspirin are good ideas.

9 – Water and Water Bottles

Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink – those are words from The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Coleridge. Water is essential. At home, with water ready at the tap, we often forget that it is essential, not just to our physical health, but also our mental health. Thirsty children will let you know they are unhappy. To ensure that you don’t have these problems, take clean water.

10 – Phone Charger

Ensure you have your phone charger with you. Not only does it contain information on the weather, your plans, your accommodation – it is also a form of communication. However, without a battery that has charge, it is nothing more than an expensive paperweight. To ensure that your holiday goes off without a hitch make sure that your phone has a charger. If you are going overseas, check to see if you will need an adapter.

11 – Sunscreen

If you are travelling to a destination that is sunny, you will need sun protection. If you aren’t, you will likely want it anyways as 80% of the sun’s UV can pass through clouds. Taking care of your skin is important of your holiday is going to be sunburn free. Sunburned kids are not fun kids to travel with in any case!

12 – Toiletries

You will need toiletries: shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes. These will ensure that your children still look like they have parents three days into the holiday. Hygiene is incredibly important for keeping good morale – feeling clean feels good – and therefore the wellbeing of the entire travel party.

Final Thoughts

Planning and executing a family holiday sometimes feels overwhelming. There is so much to plan for! The paralysis of “what if” can sometimes grip us and prevent us from doing things. We at the Inspiration Edit put together this list to help ease anxiety and help plan for your travels.

Safe travelling!

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