The Best Zombie Ideas for Halloween

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Halloween Zombie TreatsThe Best Zombie Ideas For Halloween – Including gifted book.

Halloween is such an exciting time of the year and a time to have fun with the kids and let the imagination go wild. Today I wanted to share the theme of Zombies. We have some brilliant Halloween party food ideas based on Zombies, zombie movie ideas, a zombie book review and a tutorial on how to make a zombie. Enjoy!

zombie ideas for kids

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What Is a Zombie

A Zombie according to pop culture is a corpse that has reawakened and has a crazy appetite. You can also become a zombie if you are bitten by another zombie and infected with a zombie virus. Zombies often move in a robotic manner and can be seen on occasion with their hands out in front of them as they walk in search for their next meal.

what is a zombie?

Zombie Movies for Kids

There are a few fantastic zombie movies out there that are child friendly. My number one movie has to be the Disney Zombies Movie which came out in 2018.

That is a fun zombie movie and a great film to watch with the kids this Halloween. Here are a few Zombie movies that are child friendly.

How to Draw a Zombie

If you’re looking for a fun Halloween themed activity book then you’re in luck. We were recently sent the Monster book of Zombies, spooks and ghouls to review and this book is fantastic for the kids.

Created by Jason Ford and published by Laurence King Publishers this fantastic book is full of Halloween Activities. This super fun book is full of creative drawing, colouring and creating activities and teaches you How To Draw A Zombie along with many other halloween characters! 

This super fun Halloween themed activity book is a great way to get the creative juices flowing and help kids to develop fine motor skills along with their artistic creativity whilst enjoying the Halloween season.

My daughter loves to draw and create and we highly recommend this fantastic book if you’re looking for easy halloween drawing tutorials.

How to Make a Zombie

If you want to make a zombie then here are a fantastic Zombie themed craft over on Easy Peasy Fun! This is a super cute craft idea and one the kids will love!

zombie craft for kids

Zombie Party Food for Kids

If you’re looking for more fun themed Zombie activities for example Zombie party food then you’re in the right place. We have a fantastic Zombie Popcorn tutorial here on The Inspiration Edit. These are super cute and it’s really easy to make. The kids will love this super fun Halloween treat.

halloween popcorn

Tasty Halloween Treats

You will also love these super cute Halloween Zombie Treats which are another fun party food idea for your next Halloween party. Why not give these a go, they are fantastic!

halloween zombie treats

For more fantastic Halloween Ideas, why not visit our Halloween boards, I’m sure there will be something amazing you will love.


halloween party food

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