The Best Preschool Books About Body Parts

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There’s no lack of good books for children today, and regardless of what subject or idea you’re trying to approach, you’ll surely find a ton of good options to choose from. Getting your little one familiar with the human body and its parts is important, and doing it with a book is even better!

To help you with just that, I’ve compiled a list of some of the best books aimed at toddlers, preschool and kindergarten children. I’m sure you will find a good pick that you will love in this list of preschool books about body parts. Also, be sure to check out these super fun human body palydough mats… a perfect activity to go alongside these books.

Books About Body Parts for Preschoolers

So here’s my list of the best books for preschoolers that talk about the human body and body parts. Nothing better than a little anatomy lesson at an early age right?

Who Has What

This book is probably the most straightforward answer to your little one’s questions about his body, and is packed with fascinating facts that will help him learn about different body parts.

who has what a book about bodies for kids

My First Body 

This board book is another great one to add to your kid’s collection. With pictures of little kids like themselves, babies learn how to identify the different parts of their body.

my first body a book about the body for toddlers

Amazing You Getting Smart About Your Private Parts

And here’s the perfect book that holds the answers to all those awkward yet inevitable questions that all kids come up with!

a book for kids about the body

Me and My Amazing Body

With fun illustrations, this book helps little ones discover some of the best facts about their own body.

me and my amazing body a book about the body for kids

Inside Your Body

Amazingly put, this book allows your little one to glimpse into the inner workings of his body, and the magical way it all comes together.

see inside your body a book for kids about the body with a skeleton on the front cover

Inside Your Outside

This book takes your little one on a ride through the human body! He’ll visit the left and right sides of the brain, look at the skeleton up close and even watch food being digested in the stomach.

dr seuss inside your outside book about the body for kids

The Fantastic Body

With over 1000 brilliant illustrations and fun facts, The Fantastic Body is another great pick. It is actually a comprehensive guide to the human body that blends in a lot of humor too!

the fantastic body a book about the body for children

And that’s not all. Here are some more interesting titles to consider picking from and expand your kid’s collection.


a book about body parts for children. childrens anatomy book

Think Tank the Human Brain and How It Works

think tank a children's book about the brain

What’s in There All About Before You Were Born

what's in there a book about the human body for kids

Human Body Book for Children

human-body-book for kids

Hear Your Heart 

hear your heart a book about the heart for kids

Grossology and You

kids book about the human body grossology and you

Listening to My Body

listening to my body. childrens human body book

It’s Not the Stork

it's not the stork. childrens book about the human body

God Made All of Me

god made all of me a book about the human body

My Body Is a Rainbow

my body is a rainbow a kids book about the human body

The Magic School Bus Inside the Human Body

the magic school book about the human body

More Parts

more parts another kids book about the human body

Loved my list of the best children’s books about human body parts? Why not make it a better experience for your little one with some fun activities and craft ideas? I’ve listed down a few of my favorites that are related to what you’ve already been doing!

childrens books about the body

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