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Melon Carving for A Baby Shower

melon carving
Fun With Fruit Water Melon Carving, an activity kids will enjoy!

Melon Carving for A Baby Shower

A few years ago I went to a fantastic baby shower and saw a great idea where a baby carriage was made from a Water Melon. Sylvia and I are testing out new ideas and when we saw two Melons on sale for 50p each at the store we decided to have our own turn at Melon Carving.

Fun food ideas

We are clearly not experts at this but Sylvia and her friend has lots of fun and we simply gave it our best shot. We began by cutting the Melon as shown in the image below. I did the carving as it was a little too dangerous for Sylvia. She did the scooping.

Carving Melon

So we cut out one quarter from the Melon and then Sylvia got scooping with the spoon. We are not ones to waste food so we collected the melon into a bowl to make Otai a Tongan Drink where the base ingredient is Melon. Sylvia is half Tongan so it was a good opportunity to be a little cultural.

scooping watermelons

We then had our carriage, placed it on a plate and set to work adding wheels made from babybells. Sylvia added the cheese wheels to her carriage using tooth picks. She then added frozen fruit into the melon carriage.

fun food ideas

I have seen the baby head made in the past using an orange and that is a good idea but we had no oranges at home and wanted to use what we had so we opted for a large strawberry and added two black olives to create eyes.

fun food ideas

We placed the baby head into the middle of the carriage and our baby carriage was complete. This is  fantastic idea for a baby shower or in our case for having fun carving and spending time together. We made two Melons and John and Sylvia enjoyed eating theirs.

fun food ideas

So it wasn’t perfect but it was fun. They say it’s the process not the end product that counts and I’m sure Sylvia will remember having fun creating something with her mother rather than how it looked.


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fun food ideas

My daughter really did have fun and we were able to enjoy time together doing something a little silly but interesting.  I hope you enjoyed reading this post. It’s the first new post for our Kitchen Fun series.

Fun food ideas

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  1. I think you guys did a great job! It would be nice to have this in parties, it would be a conversation starter for sure and the kids will have a lot of fun doing this. Awesome idea!

  2. What a lovely activity to do with the kids, you’re absolutely right! She’ll remember having fun making this and not really worry about how it looked. But in my opinion it still looks awesome and you both nailed it! I love the creativity.

  3. That’s such a cute idea for a baby shower game. We did games where we tasted baby food to guess the flavour, put on a traditional nappy onto each of us and things like that x

  4. Wow, so cute! This looks so fun, I would love to attend to a baby shower with creative stuff like this.

  5. It really is such a great idea! I’ve seen some fantastic fruit carvings on holiday and they always go down a charm! It’s odd because you don’t really think about carving fruit unless it’s Halloween but this is great!

  6. What a lovely decoration for any party. I’m pinning so I can make one for a future party. Thanks for sharing at the #ThisIsHowWeRoll Link Party.

  7. This is adorable! I have a shower coming up and I’m going to try this! 🙂 Thanks for linking up on Turn it Up Tuesday

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