Easy Ways to Use Up Your Leftover Hard Candy

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If you have a sweet tooth, your pantry is definitely stashed with different candies bought in bulk all year round. Whenever you open your pantry, there is a lovely scent in the air. We love that! But don’t you think that so much candy can expire and get wasted easily? It may result in a sticky situation. 

It’s also bad to eat up all the candy at once (your dentist will get annoyed), and you may get sick. So, let’s get going! How about we show you seven fun yet easy ways to use leftover hard candy. Doesn’t it sound like a great idea?

Candied Fruits

Fruits are healthy, but sometimes they can get boring. Why not jazz it up a little with some hard candy melts! If you have any apples, cherries, or strawberries, you can easily make candied fruits. 

Do you know how to melt hard candy? Great! Simply melt the hard candies and then dip the fruits in them. Let it sit on a tray until it hardens. Now, enjoy a sweet-healthy treat.

  • Sweet Tip: To make the candied fruits more exciting, sprinkle some chocolate bits over them while they are still hardening. 

Trail Mix

Move away from traditional trail mixes! Hard candies are on their way.

If you have any nuts, popcorn, dried fruit, or pretzels in your pantry, combine them with hard candy. Get creative with it!

Crush the hard candies in a bag and mix them with the trail mix. Now you have something sweet to compliment something salty.

  • Sweet Tip: You can choose to add more than one type of hard candy. For example, add Jolly Ranchers with Tootsie Roll Pops, Candy Corns, Rock candies, or Life Savers.

DIY Ice-Cream Sundae Cart

Get ready for an ice cream party! You can invite your friends and family and have a fantastic party on a hot summer day.

Get a small cart with shading, arrange different flavors of ice cream, and as toppings, place nuts, pretzels, and sprinkles. You can crush up the hard candies and melt some too. It will add an extra fun element. 

Now, everyone will enjoy making their ice cream sundaes however they want. Oh! Don’t forget to add a cherry on the top.

Candied Popcorn

Watching a movie can be more fun with popcorn. But you are in the mood for something sweet. What can you do?

We have got an idea! Add hard candy to the popcorn.

Pop some corn and melt some hard candies. Then, add the melted candy to the popcorn. All done! It takes little time to prepare but a lot of deliciousness to enjoy. Moreover, it’s great for parties because of its vibrant colors.

Rice Krispy Treat Bars

Krispy Treats and melted hard candies sound mouth-watering. It’s time-saving to make and taste great.

You can make it in just a couple of steps. 

  • First, grab your Rice Krispy treats.
  • Second, melt the hard candies down.
  • Third, mix them both together.
  • Fourth, lay them on a baking sheet in a pan and freeze.
  • Fifth, cut them into rectangular shapes and serve.
  • Sweet Tip: To make the rice krispy treat bars more appealing, you can add some chocolate-covered pretzels, nuts, or other hard candies while the treat is still setting. 

Candy Yogurt 

Many people don’t like yogurt. If you are one of them, you should definitely try this recipe. You will need some yogurt flavor of your choice and hard candies. 

In a blender, add the yogurt and the hard candies. Pour in some honey to sweeten it up. Now, blend! You have successfully made candy yogurt. You can top it with some more honey, oats, and nuts if you want. This can be called a healthy dessert.

Candy Bark

Candy bark is the most simple recipe to make and can reduce the wastage of candy. 

If you have chocolate bars in your pantry, melt them in the microwave and spread them evenly on parchment paper. Cover them with crushed hard candies, cookies, popcorn, nuts, oats, or anything of your choice. Let them set in the fridge. After a couple of hours, take them out. Here comes the fun part!  Now, you get to break them into pieces and enjoy.

Leftover Candy Has Lots of Potential

These seven easy recipes are a delight to anyone with a sweet tooth. They will help you make delicious snacks without having to waste any candy. Are you craving hard candy now? We knew it! Then, what are you waiting for? Get up and make yourself these snacks to enjoy.

Don’t forget to write to us about how you reused hard candy. Enjoy the deliciousness! 

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