36 Goals for the Next 12 Months

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Yesterday I met Alexandra Cane who starred in Love Island earlier this year. We had a conversation about goals and dreams and about living your dreams no matter what others say. It’s true that some people will love you, some will hate you and the one thing I can do is focus on what’s best for me and my family. 

It really does not matter what others think. All I have to care about is what I know is best and right and just love my life. 

So I decided to write this new post called 36 goals for 36 years. I turned 36 years old yesterday and here are 36 things I hope to achieve this year. I know I can do it with work, perseverance and a lot of effort. These are my goals and I plan to achieve them all! 

36 Goals For The Next 12 Months

Get My Hair Styled 

As simple as this may sound I want to be well enough to go to a hair salon for the afternoon and have my hair done really nice. I have been thinking about having a perm, something I’ve not done since I was 12 years old and would love to potentially try it out. I want to possibly go curly and maybe change the colour too. 

Get All My Teeth Fixed

I’ve had a terrible time with my teeth over the past 6 months and struggled to get the correct treatment. This year I want to get all my broken and damaged teeth fixed and get to the point where  my toothache and pain in no more. I also hope to get to the point where I only need a check up every 6 months. That would be so nice. I’d also love to get my teeth whitened at some point. 

Lose One Stone in Weight

Before I turn 37, I’d like to lose one stone in weight. I have to be realistic and set real goals as I’m unwell, unable to do much exercise, attend weight loss classes and I’m on steroids. I want to lose 1 stone by my 37th birthday. 

Spend Quality Time With Sylvia Every Sunday Night

I am hoping to spend quality time with my daughter every Sunday night. If I rest midday on a Sunday I will have the energy to spend time with Sylvia in the evenings and that’s my plan. 

Get a New Health Plan

I’d like to find a private specialist who can help me to create a health plan to improve my health this coming year. I really have had a tough 5 years and need things to improve for me, my family and my sanity.

Update My Makeup Collection

I’d like to update my almost non existent makeup collection. I’d like to wear makeup more this year and hope to get some new foundation, mascara and other lovely items. 

Start a Memoir

I want to begin writing my life story or at least part of it as a book. I don’t need it publishing although that would be pretty awesome. I’d just like to write my story of what I’ve been through so I can get it all out and on paper and hopefully inspire and help others. I particularly would like to talk about overcoming abuse and difficulties. 

Renovate the Lounge

Although it’s not something I can physically do myself, I am hoping that this year we can renovate our lounge. I would love to have the walls painted. They are magnolia and a colour I simply can’t stand. I’d also like to put wooden flooring down in the lounge, add a warm and cosy rug, pitch for and review a new sofa. (We have never owned a new sofa) and get a tv stand. This is a goal to work towards and something I would love to do as part of my blog work. 

Learn How to Edit Video

As much as I don’t want to, by the time I am 37 I’d like to know how to edit videos. It’s a skill I need to develop and one I plan to learn and work on in the coming months. 

Say No a Lot More

I plan to say no more. Especially, when I am asked to do something that won’t benefit my family or asked to do something that may really effect my health I will not be afraid to put my needs first and say no. 

Visit My Sister in New Zealand

Now this is a dream and a huge goal. It’s been 9 years since I’ve been home to New Zealand and in that time I’ve missed my sister siblings and parents. I’ve also missed out on seeing all my lovely nieces and nephews and so with a lot of scraping and saving we have every intention to visit my sister in 2019. It will happen! 

Take Sylvia to the Beach In New Zealand 

I want to take my daughter to the beach when we visit New Zealand. Sylvia has been to the beach when she was very small but it’s nothing like the UK and very different. I’d love my daughter to experience and see this for herself. 

Work With Plus Size Clothing Brands

This coming year I’d love to work with one or two plus size clothing brands and improve my wardrobe which is a little old and outdated. I’d like to have more nice clothes and better options. In fact a month ago I decided to shift my blog a little more towards fashion and I’m excited about the possibilities in the future. 

Take Sylvia to the Ballet

This year I want to take Sylvia to the Ballet. I have made plans to do this and we have tickets organised for May 2019. I just need to make sure I am well enough to do this. I’d love to dress up, have a fancy meal out and enjoy the show. 

Grow My Pinterest Following to 20,000

During 2019 I want to grow my Pinterest following to 20,000. This will help me to get more views here on the blog and grow a more engaged and interested audience. 

Visit a Spa for the Day

This year I want to visit a spa and have time relaxing. I tried a spa for the first and only time ever two years ago and loved it. I’d like to do this at least once whilst I am 36.

Try Out More Vegan Recipes

I want to try out some new vegan recipes to increase the meal options we eat and add more protein and health foods to our diets. 

Go to the Temple Every Month

I want to attend the temple, a place that is important to me as part of my spiritual life. I aim to try and visit once a month from now on. 

Do a Photoshoot With My Sister

I plan to do a photo shoot with my sister in New Zealand and have photos together when I visit her. 

Create a Bedroom Studio

I want to make the spare room into a small bedroom studio for filming and Instagram stories. It may sound crazy but the reality is I spend so much time in bed and at home that I’d like a nice space to do filming from and so I have some ideas up my sleeve for the second half of next year. 

Write In My Personal Journal More Often

I want to write in my personal journal a lot more than I have in the past year. Even if it’s just once a week. This is a goal I have. 

Get My Nails Done

I’ve not had my nails done since I got married in 2013 and this year I plan to get my nails done lovely at some point. 

Research More of My Family Tree

I’ve been researching my family tree for almost 25 years now and plan to do more research from time to time in the coming months. 

Read More Books This Year

I’ve not read many books in the past few years and I hope to read much more this year, in particular books that can help me to improve my self and reach my potential. 

Double My Instagram Engagement

During this year I want to double my Instagram following and my Instagram engagement to enable me to achieve more work opportunities as a blogger. 

Have a Massage

This year I want a massage. I’ve genuinely not had one in a long time and would love to get rid of some of my aches and pains. 

Work With Matalan

It may sound crazy or maybe really specific but I’d love to work with Matalan on their children’s/tween clothing range. Of course this would involve Sylvia and depends on whether she wants to at the time but I hope to pitch and maybe work together in the coming year. 

Get a New Iron

I often use my blog as a means to improve our life and get new items for the home. Some items I have never owned new. For example before blogging I had only ever had a second hand washing machine. It’s the same for many of the things I’ve owned and I’d like to get my first good (new) Iron especially as I hope to do clothing collaborations this year. 

Send My Husband to Hobbitville

When we finally go to New Zealand to visit my parents and siblings, I want to send my husband to Hobbitville to see the location of the award winning film. John is a huge fan of The Hobbit and The Lord of the rings and it would be a wasted opportunity if we didn’t visit whilst in NZ. 

Work With Disney

Yep, we do love Disney and I’d love the opportunity to work with Disney again when I am 36. I will keep my eyes open for opportunities and work hard to realise our dreams. 

Send My Daughter Skiing

When we visit New Zealand, although I will be very unwell and need to rest in whoever’s home we stay, I intend to send my daughter on a skiing trip for a weekend with her dad and cousins. I would love Sylvia to experience the snow and have this opportunity. 

Maintain My Blog Domain Authority

I am currently really happy with the domain authority for my blog and I would love to maintain the score I have for the coming year. I’m not focussing on growing it but simply keeping it at the same level. 

Have a Professional photo shoot and make new professional images for my blog and social media. 

Yep, I’ve avoided or simply not ever got around to having professional pictures for my blog, mainly due to illness and I hope to remedy this and have photos taken and improve in this area this coming year. 

Complete an Instagram Course

I plan to undertake an instagram course at some point and learn new skills to improve my instagram feed, engagement and photography. 

Improve My Own Photography Skills

I want to learn more about using a professional or fancy camera. My husband is good at photos and I take some good ones two but I’d like to learn more about lighting and product photography as well as portrait shots. 

Be Kinder to Myself

This year I plan To be kinder to myself, to rest more when I need to, to say no when I need to and to put my needs first more. I plan to pace myself better and take more breaks when my health needs it. 

So that’s my 36 goals for 36.

Angela x


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  1. Hi,

    Your journey is inspiring. I hope you achieve all your goals and more!

    I also have been diagonised with GHD. Have you considered alternative health treatments, like homeopathy etc. which might be less expensive, and equally effective with lesser side effects?

  2. I hope you get to do all of these things.
    These are some of my goals for the next year too! I need my hair cut properly. I haven’t had it cut professionally in over 11 years!
    I think you should write your life story! You have had such an interesting life and all of your stories fascinate and inspire me.
    I started researching my family tree in the summer and found it so interesting. I need to get back to it. x

  3. These are absolutely fantastic ideas – Happy belated birthday to you! Toothache is the worst – I really hope you get sorted out soon. I’ll be envious when you manage to get to NZ – Somewhere we have always wanted to visit.

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