How to Choose the Best Dog Treats for Your Pet

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You finally gave in to the kids’ demands and petitions and agreed to get a family dog. 

Now what?

It’s a given that the new pooch will also be in your care – after all, your family just got bigger by one member! While the kids promised to take care of him/her, they can’t be as careful as you when it comes to caring for their hygiene, diet, and overall health.   

So yes, a family dog usually means the parents are responsible for its healthy development and growth. The kids’ job is to play with it, take him/her for walks, and give them lots of love and affection. 

Dogs, especially young ones, need the right nutrients to grow and turn into healthy adults. But they also need discipline and training, which usually requires some type of treats (used as rewards). Still, not any treats will do, which is why you’re probably here, wanting to know more about how to choose the best dog treats

We have a few pointers, so make sure to continue reading.

Low Calorie Treats for Healthy Dogs

Obesity in dogs is one of the fastest-growing health problems for dogs in the US. Even more, an overweight dog can develop other health issues that will alter their life quality and may even reduce their life expectancy. 

So, whenever you want to reward your pooch for being a good boy or girl, make sure to stick to low-calorie treats. There are plenty of healthy options on the market, but it’s best to first discuss with your vet (especially if your dog is already taking proportions). 

Put care and attention into the food and treats you get for your dog, incorporating items like nutritious bone broth for canines into their diet.

CBD Oil Treats

While CBD products have yet to be fully approved for pets, the market is already teeming with all sorts of treatments and treats. Products like CBD oil dog treats from HonestPaws are safe to use and come in different flavors, so any dog can find the ones they like. 

CBD is a fantastic ingredient for dogs who suffer from anxiety or are hyper-active even after a long walk or a few hours of play in the garden. It’s also a product designed to alleviate pain in older dogs and make their lives a bit easier. 

No Human Foods

Dogs have a special way of begging for food when everyone sits at the table, enjoying their meal (even though they have their own food readily available). Still, regardless of how sweet their puppy eyes may be, human food is high in calories and even dangerous for dogs (like chocolate). 

So, resist the urge to feed Roger table scraps! It’s in the best interest of your pooch. Give him a homemade dog food recipe full of goodness instead!

Natural Ingredients

Put care and attention into the food and treats you get for your dog. Read the labels (just like you do when buying food for the kids) and only buy treats made with natural ingredients (whole grains, chicken, lamb, fish, and so on). 

Also, keep in mind that even healthy treats need to be offered in small portions. Keep an eye on your dog’s diet and make sure the treats are something special, to reward good behavior. Both trained dogs and dogs in training will benefit from healthy and natural treats. 

Why not try making Instant Pot Dog Food for your beloved pet?

In Summary

Having a pet can get costly, but if you do it right, you’ll get a loyal companion for yourself and a fantastic friend for the kids. So, pay attention to the little details and teach the kids to respect your dog’s dietary needs. It can also serve as a lesson in nutrition for the kids, as it will make them more responsible with the foods they eat as well. 

Overall, a healthy dog is a fantastic addition to a family with kids, regardless of the kids’ age. Growing up with a dog as your best friend and play companion is absolutely amazing!

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