The Ultimate Children’s Christmas Gift Guide

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The Ultimate Children’s Christmas Gift Guide

This year I have been looking for items which would make great gifts for my daughter, brother, nieces and nephews. I have created this gift guide of Children’s Christmas gift ideas. I hope you like it.

Christmas Gift guide

Christmas Gift Guide for Kids

Supercute – Cute Pet Animal Back Packs

If you have a child who loves animals as much as mine, these Supercute animal backpacks could go down a real treat as a Christmas gift. The Supercute backpacks come in 5 designs and have a hard shell case, front strap and clasp.

Hershey’sMovie Lip Mix

This fantastic Hershey’s movie lip mix set, presented inside a popcorn box includes two flavoured lip glosses, Holly Rancher and Hershey’s Syrup and three lip balms, Hershey Kisses, Reese’s and Jolly Rancher. The ideal little gift pack for my daughter Sylvia

Dentek– Kids Toothbrush Cover

Keep your toothbrush protected from dirt and germs with DenTek’s fun animal-shaped Toothbrush Covers. These fit most toothbrushes and allow ventilation to keep you toothbrush clean.

Steripod – Toothbrush Sanatizer 

The Steripod toothbrush helps protect your toothbrush against environmental contamination. One clip lasts up to 3 months and is a great little toothbrush protector.

Not Before TeaWash Bags

This adorable Not Before Tea Wash Bag is a fantastic gift idea and can be a great little gift for a child. The Not for Tea wash bag as a range of designs which are cute and gorgeous for both boys and girls.

children in need

Super Fun Toys for Your Kids Christmas Gift Guide

Hasbro – Furby Connect

This Furby Connect friend has lots to say! Even when Furby speaks in Furbish, it’s not hard to figure out what Furby means. This Furby Connect friend has colorful eyes that display more than 150 animations. Sylvia got a Furby connect a while back and she loves hers.

Baking Time Club– Kids Cookery Set 

Is your child into role play and baking? Why not give them this Childrens kitchen play pots and pan set. The kids cookery set comes in a carry box, decorated in grey with white stars on one side, and a cooking hob, on the other.

Sylvanian Families – Cosy Cottage

The Sylvanian Families Cosy Cottage Starter Home is the perfect choice for those starting out with Sylvanian Families. The kitchen furniture includes a kitchen table, bench, two chairs, a coffee table plus a kitchen unit containing an oven and sink, and bedroom furniture such as a bed, mattress and some pretty floral bedding. A fantastic item I plan to give Sylvia this year.

PBuzzPbuzz Trombone 

More magical than a recorder, lighter than a drum and easier to play than a xylophone, the pBuzz makes for a magical, musical playtime. This is a fantastic musical instrument for a little one to have hours of fun.

Children In Need – Gift Card

This Christmas, One4all, the Post Office gift card is allowing you to give the gift of choice to friends and family, while at the same time giving something back to those children all around the UK that aren’t so fortunate. I think that’s a fantastic option for a child in the family.

childrens aprons

Children’s Apron and Gift Ideas

Ragged RoseChildren’s Aprons

Ragged Rose have a beautiful selection of children’s aprons which are gorgeous in design and make the perfect little accessory for the child who loves to bake. Sylvia would love one of these beautifully made aprons.

ZoobookooDino Dice Game

This is a fantastic little game which can help your child to practice and improve their mental maths. if your looking for something educational, this could be the perfect gift.

Buffwear – Hat and Neck Warmer

A great idea for the Christmas season is a new Buffwear knit hat and neck warmer. With funky colours and patterns, I love the grey hat with the multicoloured bobbles.

Christmas sweets

Great Christmas Presents for Kids

Mr Nutcase – Personalised Mug and Cushion

If your child has a pet or is a dog lover like Sylvia, purchasing a Mr Nutcase personalised mug or cushion could be a fantastic gift to give. I’m getting a cushion and mug of Yoda and Casper our Bichons and I’m sure they will go down a treat!

Haribo – Mega Stars, Christmas Crackers and Starmix

Why not give the gift of a Haribo Cracker this year. The Starmix Cracker is full of  fruity bears, rings, fried eggs, heart throbs and cola bottles. A gummy treat perfect for Christmas.

Cadbury’s –  Original Chocolate Vending Machine

This year you could treat your child to the Cadbury’s Original Chocolate Machine Money Box. Perfect for a small chocolate treat and saving money. I think my daughter would find this really fun to use.

topps trump cards

Topps– WWE, Match Attax and Star Wars Cards

Having a younger brother who is wrestling and football crazy, these Topps cards are a fabulous idea as a christmas gift to start off a sticker and album collection. Topps also have girls cards, including Shopkins and Trolls which my daughter would love.


Christmas Animal Gifts

Breyer – Colourful Breeds Activity Kit

This adorable craft activity set will provide hours of fun, entertainment and learning! Five popular breeds are included: Tennessee Walking Horse, Arabian, Sport Horse foal, Friesian and Andalusian. Each is base-coated and ready-to-paint and a sheet of eight (8) pop-out accessories can also be painted to create fun scenes with the horses.

Includes: 5 Stablemates® horses, 6 paint pots with realistic horse colors, 1 paintbrush, 1 colorful instruction booklet, 1 sheet of 8 pop-out accessories

Breyer – A Champion is Born

One of the world’s oldest breeds, the Arabian, is known for its beauty, endurance and people-loving personality. The American Quarter Horse is known for speed and versatility.

Combined, this Half Arabian family of three is athletic and fun! This pretty set includes a red roan stallion, blue roan mare and playful bay roan foal. Accessories include horse ball, bucket, water trough, carrots and 4 pieces of fencing. Ages 4+

AnaMalz – Elephant and Giraffe

This award winning environmentally friendly anamalz range made from organic maple wood and textile products. Already amusing children and adults alike in more than 30 countries around the world, the wooden creatures can be moved to look left right, run or stand on their hind legs and perform.

Promoting creative interaction, imaginative play, story telling through the characteristics of each animal, it is the simplicity and individual craftsmanship of the anamalz range that makes it stand out. anamalz have unique characteristics which make them warm and appealing. Each piece has its own wood grain and individual markings that make them different from one piece to the next.

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  1. There are some lovely ideas here – I love those gorgeous aprons and the personalised cushions! We have the Zoobookoo Dino Game. It is a good way to get my daughter to do a little bit of maths in a fun way.

    1. Oh thats so cool Sarah! I do like educational games. The cushion is awesome. I have one for sylvia with Yoda and Casper on it and she will love it!

  2. There are no children in our family to buy presents for anymore but I know a few adults who would appreciate some items from this list.

    1. Ooh thats fab! There are so many great toys out there and little things which would make Christmas special for kids.

  3. I think those cute animal backpacks are the best! The Hershey’s Movie Lip Mix is amazing too! Those glosses would be so fun to try.

  4. My guys love Haribos, so they always get some among the gifts. My top fave would be Sylvanian families cosy cottage, it’s too cute. Love the pretty hat too.

  5. There are lovely ideas on here Angela – I think I am going to get toothbrush covers for my children’s stockings, I have seen lots of people blogging about furbies too and love the Sylvanian family house 🙂

    1. We have the sylvanian family home for Christmas and the furby is a fun toy! I think the toothbrush covers are fab!

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