Stihl Re 98 Pressure Washer Review

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Are you considering buying the STIHL RE 98 pressure washer? If so here is an honest pressure washer review that will help you learn more about the STIHL pressure washer and point you in the right direction when looking for the best pressure washer for patio cleaning, car-washing and much more.

My husband has been asking for a pressure washer for many months and I’m super pleased we were able to find a good pressure washer and share the results with you.

What Is a Pressure Washer?

A pressure washer is often be referred to as a jet washer or power washer. A pressure washer such as the STIHL RE 98 is designed to deliver a powerful jet of water which removes dirt much better than a brush or sponge.

The STIHL RE 98 is an efficient electronically motorised pressure washer and is designed to use far less water than you would use cleaning with a hose pipe.

The STIHL RE 98 has a pump which has a high-pressure flow. This enables the pressure washer to remove dirt and grime quickly. The STIHL 98 is a cold water pressure washer and can be used for a number of purposes including:

  • Washing your car and car valeting.
  • Bike cleaning
  • Deep cleaning the Patio
  • Depp cleaning Decking
  • Cleaning garage doors
  • Cleaning garden furniture
  • Pressure washing windows and conservatories

 STIHL RE 98 Pressure Washer Features

The STIHL RE 98 is an entry-level cold water high-pressure cleaner and has a number of features and accessories.

  • Fan jet nozzle. The nozzle can change pressure and is able to clean larger areas at high speed and allows more control for delicate areas.
  • The Anti-twist and quick release coupling. The quick-release coupling allows you to disconnect the lance and hose without using tools.
  • Rotary nozzle. The nozzle spins to allow the water to clean large areas super-fast reducing the amount of water needed.
  • Detergent spray bottle. The detergent bottle is available to help with tackling difficult to clean areas.
  • Integrated Chassis. This allows the pressure washer to be transported whilst in action meaning you don’t have to turn the machine on and off during cleaning.
  • Accessories Holder. This allows easy storage when the pressure washer is not in use.

Can Pressure Wash Damage Windows?

Have you ever asked the question, “Can pressure washing damage windows”? The answer is yes and no. So long as you wash the windows safely and follow the guidelines below you can clean as many windows as you please.

Before starting the cleaning process using the STIHL pressure washer you will need to check each window for cracks or broken seals to ensure a safe and successful clean.

The STIHL RE 98 is designed to safely tackle dirt and grime on windows. It is safe to use on both car windows and outdoor windows at home.

Is the Stihl Re 98 Pressure Washer Any Good?

My husband tested out our new pressure washer on the car windows and was really pleased with the results.

In fact, the whole car was sparkling clean after using the STIHL RE 98 for the first time and John was able to get all the spots and reach all the angles needed for a spotless high quality clean.

The machine is easy to transport and has a solid handle and sturdy wheels. The pipe is really long meaning there was no messing around turning the machine on or off. The experience was enjoyable and easy to use.

The pressure washer can attach to a number of nozzle types, however additional nozzles will need to be purchased separately.

Overall we are really pleased with this product and will be using it to clean our car from now on rather than going to the car wash. It’s certainly worth the investment.

You can purchase the STIHL RE 98 from a STIHL dealer for around £179.99. Visit the STILH website to find an approved STIHL DEALER today.

washing the car with a STILH RE 98 pressure washer

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*We were sent the STIHL Washer pressure for the purpose of this review*

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  1. We love using pressure washers when we’re deep cleaning our roof or driveway. I bet my husband would love trying this one out!

    1. Awesome. I think it’s nice to have the option. I was so pleased for John to be able to get this. he really had been asking for a long time.

    1. Yes, you do need to buy one from a dealer but this is available for home use and I see it as an investment especially with as it saves going to the car wash.

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