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Today we are sharing these fantastic Aerio q-60 roller blades for girls or adults. Finding the right pair of roller blades for kids can be tricky, especially when ordering online. We found some epic roller blades which my daughter loves from

We hope you enjoy this roller blades review along with our top tips on how to roller skate or roller blade. 

The Aerio Q-60 Roller Blades 

The roller blades that we were sent for my daughter to review were the Roller Derby Aerio Q-60 in-line skate. Whether your looking for a pair of roller skates or roller blades there are many different options to choose from We previously purchased a scooter from and my friend also has a bike so I was sure these new roller blades for kids would be good quality. I was right! 

Kids Roller Blades Specifications

These roller blades are an advanced level semi soft boot. They are great for girls and have both purple and white colouring with grey laces. 

The roller blades are super comfortable for my daughter and have a foam padded construction which allowed her to skate in comfort whilst learning to inline skate for the first time. 

A few months ago my daughter went to a roller skating party and came back excited to learn roller skating or roller blading so getting her first pair of roller blades came at the perfect time. 

The roller blades have the following specifications:

  • Boot: Semi Soft Advanced Level Boot with PU Comfort Memory Foam
  • Closure: Velcro Powerstrap over a Laced Boot with Cam Lever Buckle
  • Frame: Aluminium Tri-Coil Frame
  • Wheel: 80mm Elite Speed
  • Bearing: Bevo Gold 7 Race Rated

How To Roller Skate Or Roller Blade 

Teaching a child how to roller skate or roller blade can be both fun and challenging. Sylvia had her first experience as I said at her roller blading party but she was in need of some further learning. When her new roller blades arrived, Sylvia was keen to get onto the street and start practicing her new roller blading skills. 

Learn to Put Your Roller Blades On Correctly 

Firstly my daughter needed to learn how to put her roller blades on safely. There are a number of things to consider such as making sure the blades are the right size, ensuring the tongue is pulled out completely, lacing up the boot and ensuring the fastenings are clipped tight. 

It’s important to teach kids to fasten their roller skates or roller blades well to avoid falls and broken bones. 

Teaching Basic Sliding Movements

When you first put on roller blades, you will need to stand in a prone position with your legs slightly apart for balance. Move one foot forward at a time, sliding the wheels as you go. 

Expect to have a few falls and bumps the first time you try roller blades. It’s a normal part of learning and it’s important to help kids know this in order to build confidence as they skate. 

Kids Roller Blades

Skating Knee And Elbow Pads

When first learning to roller blade and when roller blading at a skate park, disco or roller derby it is always good to use knee, wrist and elbow protection pads. 

I knew my daughter would have a few falls as she learnt to roller blade and so she used a quality pair of  Heavy Duty Knee pads, Elbow pads and Wristguards. 

We love the design of the Rio Roller’s ramp style triple pad set and the heavy duty caps on the knee and elbows really did help protect Sylvia from scrapes and cuts. 

The knee pads and elbow pads are super comfortable and easy to fasten. They gave my daughter the added confidence she needed to learn to skate and she even wanted to go to the skate park because she was sure the pads would keep her safe. 

The Rio Roller’s triple pad set are comfortable and stylish and come in three different sizes, small, medium and large. They can be used over and over and I am confident they will last a long time. 

Finding The Right Pair Of Roller Blades For Kids

If you are looking for some girl roller blades, adult roller blades or a quality pair of in-line skates, I’d be more than happy to recommend based upon our experience.

We were gifted the roller blades and safety gear. This is an honest and truthful review based on our experience.