Which Social Media Platform Is Best for My Blog?

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Tonight I am sharing my thoughts on how I should focus as a blogger. Blogging is my life and something I am passionate about. There are so many aspects and areas of blogging that it can be easy to get bogged down and float from one social media to the other and end up feeling overwhelmed. I figured for the rest of this year I am going to focus on content. Content is King and if content is King then sharing content must be Queen. So where do I share?

I have been thinking about the coming months and wondering where I should focus my blog? I guess at the end of the day it really depends on how I want to write, what I choose to share and where I want this blog to go.

Which Social Media Platform Is Best For My Blog_

For some time I have been working on my Instagram and recently have noticed a number of “parent bloggers” growing rapidly in this area resulting in paid work and a great social following. Whilst I like Instagram and love to share photos, Instagram has to be the one social media I don’t quite enjoy as much as others. I have just this week learnt how to do Instagram stories and I think it’s fantastic yet I don’t see myself being in an Instagram pod and spending hours commenting on pictures. I have to admit, growing Instagram massively with SocialShaft can be a cash cow but I am not sure how much I would enjoy it. I will keep plodding away at it at my own pace.

Next there is Facebook. I’ve really experimented with Facebook over the last six months. I find this social media platform for me has a slow growth. I began by sharing my own blog posts and slowly I built a small following. I then started reading about the power of Facebook to drive traffic to your blog and read a lot about sharing other content to help entertain regular readers. I tried this and I think sharing “other posts” to some extent helped keep my followers a little more active. So I hired a social media manager. I asked her to share content on my Facebook  page daily. This was done, however it really was less and less me and started to feel like someone else’s page. I realised this does not work for me.

So I decided to go back to sharing my own content in different styles. I now share organically on Facebook. I don’t pay for a schedular. I share my blog post each day, one or two food posts which I come across and enjoy, a quote which I have designed or an Instagram image. It’s my content just in different forms. I also share random things about what we are up to.

Yes this means my following will grow slowly but at least it will be genuine and people who want to read my content. I don’t see a newspaper sharing articles from another newspaper or see The Mighty sharing stories from The Huffington post. I think I want to share my own content and things I like from time to time and I feel much better about this. I can also keep up with the natural engagement when I do my Facebook myself.

Twitter is my baby. It was the first social media platform I fell in love with and as a result I grew faster on Twitter than any other platform. Last year I was at 13,000 followers and I’m now around 500 away from 20K. I admit I have neglected twitter a little in the past months. However I am making an effort to visit Twitter every day and respond and engage better. I’m happy with my progress with Twitter and if I keep sharing posts and tweeting and engaging I should hit my 20K goal by the end of the year for sure.

So that leads me to Pinterest. Pinterest was once my weakest social media of all. In fact until January I only had about 500 followers on Pinterest and I felt it was pretty pants. That was until I discovered the power of Pinterest. I wrote a blog post and created a pin image. This was shared to Pinterest and my pin got noticed. In fact my pin started to get pinned regular and eventually people starting clicking through to my blog from this pin. Yes I was only getting about 5-10 clicks through per day but I figured if a pin can drive 10 clicks, then 10 pins could drive 100 and 100 drive 1000 and so forth.

I began working really hard to create Pinnable images for many of my blog posts and realised that after about 6 months a successful pin would bring in some kind of traffic. Not all pins are successful but some are and so I have experimented. I first worked on my boards and Pinterest SEO. I made sure the tags and images were attractive and have regularly pinned to my board every day throughout 2017. I’ve added my pins to pinterest threads to get them repinned and boost exposure for each pin I make. I joined Tailwind tribes and share other’s content and in return they share mine. Since January I have grown really well. I follow just over 200 Pinterest accounts and have over 7,500 following me. Pinterest is now my top social media account for driving traffic to my blog.

SEO is my number one source of traffic and I think it will always be the case. I feel I am a bit of an SEO Pro now and I optimise every post to try and get it ranked well on Google.

So what do I focus on for the rest of 2017? I keep getting drawn towards Facebook and Instagram. I know Instagram can bring in money, but deep down I think the smartest move for me would be to focus on creating fantastic content which can be pinned on Pinterest. I think If I create quality posts and really SEO the hell out of them and create optimised pins then this is what will drive people to my blog.

Once readers land on the Inspiration Edit, they can then decide whether or not to subscribe or keep coming back. Many do and it’s fantastic. So I will slowly plod away at Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. However I think I have found my groove with Pinterest and I might just focus deeper on this. I guess the more quality content I have the more people will link to me and the higher my Domain Authority will grow. Also the more Pins I create the more traffic I can earn from Pinterest. They do say don’t put all your eggs in one basket and I won’t but I am going to choose this one area to work on and maybe it can help bring in more sponsored work on the blog in the coming months.

I have to be true to myself and that is writing about my life, my thoughts and experiences and sharing fantastic ideas. I think I know what I need to do and I just have to stay focussed. I may even take a course on Pinterest in the coming months and one day write my own how to guide as it’s something I am becoming more confident in.

Angela x

*This post contains an affiliate link to Tailwind.

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  1. I love Pinterest! What I love most is that it is a visual search engine. I use it both personally and as a blogger. I also love instagram, but just like you I am not spending hours a day commenting and liking to try and gain authentic growth. Right now I feel as though my time is better spent else where!

  2. This is an great post. Honestly I never knew how Tailwind works. Now seems my doubts and queries are cleared to a level. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. I really enjoyed reading this post. I used to love Instagram until they changed the algorithm now I always end up getting frustrated. I did notice that I had a slow growth on Facebook too. But I just recently discovered the power of Pinterest too and it brought me thousands of traffic during that surge without any effort on my part. Now I’m really loving it!

    Belle | One Awesome Momma

  4. These are great tips and information. I am learning to use Pinterest and what things to type to grow my blog and followers. Instagram is the one I keep trying to build and slightly struggl with

  5. Great roundup of thoughts! I happen to like IG and don’t touch Twitter – we have to engage where we enjoy ourselves, or it’s going to be fake!

      1. I like both! Those are my two preferred platforms. I like IG for sharing more “moment in my life” type of stuff, Pinterest for curating other people’s content and sharing my blog posts.

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