Mr Frosty Choc Ice Maker an Honest Review

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Mr Frosty Choc Ice Maker an Honest Review

Today I am sharing our review of Mr Frosty Choc Ice Maker. Mr Frosty is pretty iconic to me. In fact, as a child, I recall dreaming of having the Mr Frosty Ice Making machine to create my own Slushies and sure enough, when Sylvia was old enough she asked for the same product. 

The funny thing is we were recently offered the opportunity to review Mr Frosty Choc Ice Maker and of course I could not say no. Sylvia and I were both excited as was her friend and we were eager to test this fantastic activity out. 

Mr Frosty Choc Ice Maker

The Mr Frosty Choc Ice Maker is an awesome product. I think so anyway. You get a real 3d yoghurt mold to create your ice blocks, lollipop sticks which are re-usable and a cool igloo for dipping the lollipops into chocolate and displaying them. We were also sent some chocolate to melt and a few fantastic sprinkles to decorate our yoghurt choc ices. 

Sylvia was keen to have a go at making the Mr Frosty Yoghurt pops. We used strawberry yoghurt which is her favourite flavour. You can add plain yoghurt or you can at this stage get more creative, (for a healthier option) and add chopped strawberries, Bluberries or Kiwifruit. We went with plain yoghurt on this occasion. 

So Sylvia filled up the Mr Frosty and Penguin mold without much hassle. It was pretty simple to do and she really enjoyed this part of the activity. I love that the mold creates two different types of ice lollies. 

I think having Mr Frosty and a Penguin character add’s variety and makes it more fun than if the mold was just one character. That’s certainly a bonus in my eyes. 

Of course playing with a new activity such as the Mr Frosty Choc Ice Kit is more fun when you do it with a friend so Sylvia let her friend have a turn. The Mr Frosty choc ice kit costs £12.99 and is available in most toy shops and supermarkets. 

Both girls had fun. The Mr Frosty lollipop sticks were quickly added to the mold and then the Mr Frosty yoghurt pops or yoghurt popsicles were then placed in the fridge to freeze. 

Once the yoghurt had frozen, (after around four hours) we were able to move onto the next part of the Mr Frosty Activity. Melting the chocolate. 

We followed the instructions, added chocolate to the igloo which was pretty fun and melted it in the microwave. 

Sylvia then dipped her Mr Frosty choc ice snowman into the melted chocolate. At this point things did not quite go to plan. The chocolate began to turn lumpy and the yoghurt pop began to melt. 

Although the Ice chocs did not turn out as expected we were not going to let that ruin things. We learnt that it is best to use a product such as Askeys Treat Chocolate Chunk Crackin, as it’s designed to create a shell on the outside of frozen ice cream or frozen yoghurt. That is only £1.30 in the supermarket too which is a good price. 

It wouldn’t be an honest review if we didn’t share our findings and the one thing I feel is that we should review toys, products and activities honestly. So I am sharing the truth or what happened. The chocolate part did not go as planned. 

Not to worry, it actually worked out for the best. We learnt what we need to do next time for this part of the activity to be a success and we learnt that the yoghurt part alone was just as fun. Also I love that this product is designed with the healthy alternative option of using just yoghurt. 

In fact, Sylvia absolutely loved the frozen yoghurt without the chocolate and told me she thought it tasted much better plain. Next time we will be experimenting a little more and adding chopped strawberry to the mix. We love the Mr Frosty choc ice mold and are excited to do this activity again. 

Sylvia added cute sprinkles to her yoghurt pop and she ate the lot! It was a great activity and quite fun. I think this is a fantastic product and when using the correct ingredients alongside the Mr Frosty Ice Choc activity this children’s toy can be super fun. 

Would we buy this product from the store? Yes we would and I would recommend it as it’s super fun for kids and a lot of fun. 


*We were gifted the product for the purpose of this review*

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  1. I thought it looks quite a good product. It often takes a few goes to get used to these things and I’m sure a different chocolate would make a difference. Far cheaper than the Soleros my two always choose too!

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