Super Easy Snowman Christmas Decoration You Can Make With Kids

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Kids love to build snowmen all year round, but they will especially enjoy making these cute DIY snowman ornaments to hang on the Christmas tree this holiday season. Making wooden slice ornaments is a fun Christmas project that creates lasting keepsakes for kids to give as handmade gifts or ornaments. So what are you waiting for read on to learn how to make this cute snowman craft. Also be sure to check out this cute pinecone snowman craft!

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Why Making Christmas Decorations With Kids Is Fun

Preschoolers and elementary-aged children love to make crafts. They get excited about finding a new craft project, especially if it involves using items they have never seen before or used in that way before. These snowmen decorations are a great activity for kids because they are fun to make and your kids will feel so proud of their creations and beautiful Christmas ornaments that will look great on the tree.

Supplies Needed for Your Snowman Ornaments

Snowman ornaments are easy to make with a few simple supplies and they are sure to delight children of all ages. Here are the items you will need to make these super cute decorations.

Wooden Slices

Paint Brush

Acrylic Paint

White Glue


Glitter Bow and Pom pom

How to Make a Snowman Decoration on a Wooden Slice

Step One – Paint the Background

Begin by painting the background of your wooden slices. I chose to paint the background blue on this occasion however you can choose any background you like.  Leave the paint to dry.

Step Two – Paint the Snowman

Paint the white snowman head and then the carrot nose using orange acrylic paint. I

I used a thick paint brush for this as it was easier to make the shape I wanted.

Step Three – Paint the Face

Paint a large black dot on the Snowman and add more dots to create the mouth. Use pink paint to add a ear muff.

Step Four – Add Snow Flakes and Ear Muffs

Add white specks of paint to create the snow and add an ear muff using blue glitter paper and a red pom pom.

Step Five – Add Twine to Your Smowman Decoration

Now your Christmas decoration is complete and ready to hang. You can place these directly on the Christmas tree or gift the ornament as a present. Alternatively you might like to make a collection of wooden slice decorations and create a garland or wreath.

Snowmen are a classic part of Christmas. You may have one on your Christmas tree or find decorating another area in your home fun to do. Enjoy this super fun and easy Christmas craft and be sure to share photos with me. I’d love to see your creations.

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