Super Cute Glitter Angel Ornament

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Everyone loves Christmas, especially kids.  Making your own decorations will help you and your child get into the Christmas spirit and teach them valuable skills. These snowman Christmas ornaments are easy to make, pretty enough to be hung on the Christmas tree as a decoration, and also light enough not to break any branches!  

Why Are Angels Important at Christmas Time?

  1. Angels are a symbol of Christmas because they are the messengers of good news.
  2. The bible says that angels would come to earth on Christmas Day to announce Jesus’ birth.
  3. The first angel was Gabriel who told Mary she would have a baby.
  4. In medieval times, people thought that angels were sent by God to help them in their time of need.

So now we know why angels are such a big part of our holiday season! Merry Christmas everyone. Don’t forget to check out these super cute Handprint Angels for another great Angel craft idea!

Supplies Needed for This Wooden Angel Decoration

How to Make an Angel Decoration on Wooden Slices

Painting this cute Angel ornament is super easy and fun. Begin by painting the Angel’s hair as shown in the image below.

Add rosey pink cheeks and use a black pen or paint brush to add eyes and a mouth.

Cut out angel wings and a halo from glitter paper. Glue the angel wings to the back of the wooden slice using glue. Next glue the golden halo to the head of the wooden slice.

Finally add thread so you can hang these fantastic angel decorations on the tree.

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