Snowman Wooden Slice Christmas Decorations

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It’s almost time for Christmas! There are so many fun things you can do with your kids to get into the spirit. One of our favorites is making festive Christmas ornaments together. Last year we made some snowman Christmas ornaments that were simple, fun and turned out looking great! I’m sure you will enjoy this snowman craft tutorial. It’s simple easy and so much fun!

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Crafting as a Family

Around Christmas time, many families want to get together and have fun. It is very common for families to spend the time to craft new memories together. Crafting may include special events like decorating the home and making treats. These super cute snowman wooden slices are one fun idea you can use to bring the spirit of Christmas into the home .

Snowman wooden slice crafts are a fun way to decorate the Christmas tree, or just as decorations around the house. The beauty of these decorations is that they can be made by children and then used by all members of the family. A specially themed set would make some nice gifts for grandparents at Christmas time too!


Materials Required for Your Snowman Ornament

Wooden Slices

Paint Brush

Acrylic Paint

White Glue


How to Make This Snowman Ornament

Begin by painting your wooden slices with a red background. Set aside to dry and prepare in advance of your crafting session.

Start by painting a snowman face as shown in the images. Add a carrot nose, black coal dots for a smile and finish off with white dots or snowflakes.

Use simple twine to complete the decoration so you can hang them on your tree or in another location in the home.

These super cute snowman ornaments are fun and simple to make and it’s a great craft for both kids and adults.

These Snowman Wooden Slices are super cute and here are some more cute and easy Christmas decorations you will enjoy making:

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